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Default 39 with no metabolism

I am 39 years old and I really do not think that I have a metabollism. I have had problems with thyroid in the past but according to my doctor, my levels are fine right now.

My problem is that the last 1.5 to 2 years now I have been gaining weight slowly. By that, I mean 20 pounds within that time limit. I have reduced portion sizes, have been drinking lots of water. I was exercising, running on the treadmill, off and on. I get really tired and bored of exercise very quickly.

Why is it that when we get close to the big 4-0 our metabolisms fade and the pounds quickly come on? I have cut bread and cheese out of my diet, I am a vegetarian but do drink milk for calcium intake.

I really bites. I am starting to think that when I get to the big 5-0, I will be on crackers (which I hate) and water.
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your story sounds like mine when I turned 39...(ok..no longer 30 Something )I was steady gaining and unable to lose no matter what..I went to the MD--thyroid fine-He did the 3 hour test for Insulin Resistance and it came back positive..I started Byetta injections in August and was able to lose to where I am at now.I follow the IR diet book..
Good luck
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Please tell me more about insulin resistance.
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You guys are depressing me...hate to see where I am at 39!! I started my weight gain at 32...went from 128 and eating whatever I wanted to a gradual 154 (at age 35). I kept thinking I would stop gaining because I wasn't eating close to as much food as I used to (when I didn't gain a pound!)! I'm a bit off the wagon right now (as you can see from my ticker), but trying to get back on plan today (hunger headache currently). I would love to find a solution to this weight problem....you guys keep me posted on what works for you! Every time I turn on the TV, it seems someone is saying how every time you lose weight and re-gain...you gain back a few lbs more. Makes me want to just give up!
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Even though the levels are coming in within the "acceptable" range for the TSH, it might not be the level your body works best at. Would your doctor feel comfortable increasing your meds again for another 2 months and then test again? If you feel better and are still within that range, he can keep your meds @ that dose..maybe the increase in meds will help things move along. I don't know...just my thought. I'm newly diagnosed hypothyroid and have a lot of interest in this whole thing. I continue to gain weight every week now because my levels aren't right for my system. I am close to the "ok" level...but it isn't "ok" for me. Keep us updated on how things are going!!! Melinda

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