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Default New kinda sad 30 something

Well, almost 30 something, close enough.

I've been losing weight at a snails pace since September. Literally, lol 40 lbs is it. I like to eat when I'm sitting, and I apparently sit alot! Really I am so far off from a healthy weight, I probably have no business eating or sitting. But of course if I didn't eat, we'd have a different problem, and if I didn't sit, I'd never get any sewing done.

Yesterday I made myself a lovely top for the summer. I kept telling myself this is going to be too big, literally the front of the shirt was about the size of my cutting table! But when I was finished, and I put it on, it fit just right. So I went to bed vowing to step things up a notch, ( and not waste anymore fabric).

Not sure how to step things up. I exercise twice daily for 30 minutes each, or once daily for 45 minutes each on my treadmill. I have a weight routine as well. I guess more exercise? I don't leave the house much anyways so it's not like I have to go off to work or anything. Just me and a busy toddler home all day.

I've rambled on I guess, sorry if I bored ya'll but it does help to actually read my thoughts rather than run them through my head silently....

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Hi Z! You know, 40 lbs. in 7 months really isn't bad at all! Assuming you started the beginning of September, that's about 30 wks, which is about 1.3 lbs. a week! So you're pretty much right on target!

Sounds like you've got the exercise down pat. What's your menu look like? How much water are you drinking?

PS, Come on over to the Daily Chat (or Weekend Chat!)
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HI Fabricaddict! I am a fabric addict, too. I do quilting, but I can't make clothes (that fit) for the life of me! I would love to get a little IM chat going if you have the inclination, just drop me a message. I am so jealous, I would LURVE to lose 40 lbs. I will, I just have to be patient.
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Thanks ladies! I guess I just feel like I could have done so much more in the past few months. In November I lost someone very dear to me, and according to my husband I seemed to have lost my focus then.

Cutting out that top really made me feel bad. Today I created a pattern to do some sewing for an ill relative, and realized even though she is nearly half my size, the fabric all layed out still looks huge... WHEW!

As far as diet. I was doing better. I do write everything down, be it 1000 calories over my limit, or within, I write it down. I just started guzzling more water, now that it's getting hot out again. My husband recently decided to cut back on soda, and switch to diet soda for what he did drink, so now there is competition for my case of soda lol. We don't buy any prepackaged meals, I make everything from scratch which we thought was healthy, but we discovered one of our favorite meals had nearly 800 calories per serving, the way I prepared it... that was an eye opener.

My hubby is gone alot. He's a Marine, and flight crew on a cargo/refueler plane, so I'm usually just home with my 3 yr old. I have tons of support from family, but I just don't know what to change up to make me feel like I'm doing all I can do to get back to my old healthy self....

(grapecoffee, I'd be happy to Im with ya! I could talk fabric or sewing for days without coming up for air )
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hello fabric addict!
I have to agree that 40 pounds is awesome no matter what your starting weight was!! I have a toddler myself (well she is 28 months-is that still a toddler??)
She weighs 30 pounds. Sometimes when she is asleep and I carry her upstairs I think about how much weight that is if I were to lose that much. That is a lot. Pick up a big bag of dog food at walmart and feel how much that weighs. That is how much less you are carrying around!!
Be proud!!
Maybe check out your calorie needs. There is another thread here under the 30somethings on calculating your resting calorie needs each day. If you eat a little less than that you will lose weight. Maybe writing down everything you eat will help too. (of course if I could only do all that myself I would be HOT!!)
have a good day!!
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