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Originally Posted by Catway8 View Post
Hi everyone,

I have fallen off the wagon. I put on 30 pounds again. I am now starting again and have been trying to find some take off juice or a substitute for it for at least a month and totally forgot about this site. I have read your posts about superstore having the juice that I been looking for. Do you have to dilute it or drink it as it is??

Some of you may remember but if not it is ok. I am back and for the long haul this time. I know this program works cause it worked before. So Again thank you for the suggestions.

Cathy in Canada
Hi Cathy
In my last post i mentioned the Kiju juice boxes.I think it is a Canadian product .Awesome taste...calories are equivalent to 1 cup Kiju =(1/2 cup TO-juice+ 1/2 water). Therefore you do not have to dilute it. You can find them in the Organic food section of RCS.The R.W.Knudsen Morning blend is not available in Canada i think...the other R.W Knudsen juice that I found in Superstore, I didnt like much and some of them are pricier than Kiju juice. Again...those Knudsen juices vary in calories etc...some have 110 cal/250 ml and some have 170 cal/250ml. Therefore you have to dilute or drink concentrated accordingly.

You can follow takeoff juice guideline to decide what you should do:

LA Takeoff juice( 125ml juice+ 125 ml water= 250 ml drink)
Calories : 100
Fat : 0 g
Cholesterol : 0 mg
Sodium : 10 mg
Carb : 25 g
Sugar : 22g
Protein : 1g
Vit A : 0%
Vit C : 80%
Calcium : 0%
Iron : 2%

loving life once again...Thanks LAWL

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