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Default The next step

I have reached a place in this journey where I think that I need to step up a bit, go to the next level. Food-wise, I am working on cooking. I am going to do a little experimentation, try recipes, etc.... I will expand my little box of foods that I eat.

I think that it is time to ramp up my exercise. So far my primary exercise is walking and throwing in some work with resistance bands. I looked at a couple of gyms but felt pretty intimidated, both by the price and the clientele. I felt like I would stick out like a sore thumb.

Last night after using the walking track at our county's Wellness Center I picked up their brochure. I am surprised that I have not thought of this before. For $30 I can get a pass good for 10 exercise classes or for $50 I could get 20 classes. The pass is good for a year. They have Zumba, aerobics, step aerobics, pilates, jazzercise, cycling, even belly dancing. It is an assortment that I could try to see what I like, without having a large commitment and investment.

They also have a gym area. It is not as big as the gyms I have visited but have several types of machines and free weights. This is totally foreign territory for me and I could not even tell you what the machines are. Membership for the gym area is $175/year and I have to pay for a full year.

There is a personal trainer that is not a staff member but an independent consultant that they recommend. He charges $40/hour unless you sign up for 5 or more sessions. Then the price goes down to $30.

I saw more diversity in the people here, all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors. They have a large senior citizen program. I will qualify for that program in a year when I turn 55. (Kind of depressing but kind of exciting) Then the membership will go down to $120/year and include 20 classes and a session with the personal trainer once a month.

Since they have such a large senior citizen program, I think they must be accustom to dealing with people with bad knees, bad backs, etc. Does that make sense? I am not as afraid that the trainer will push me to do something that my body can not handle.

One of my big pet peeves is getting passed by little old ladies when I am walking. I mean they look like they are 80 to 100 years old and they pass me on the walking track and at the mall. I want to be one of those little old ladies!!

How does this place sound to ya'll? I know some of you belong to gyms. Does this sound like a good deal? Has going to a gym really helped you?

Maybe I should try the classes and wait on the gym and personal trainer... Hummmmmm Belly dancing could be interesting.

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