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on the way to skinny
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So I've decided when I reach my goal weight and the rolls on my back are gone and I feel comfortable showing it off, I'm definitely gonna get a huge tattoo on my back. Probably either something with a big red and orange fiery phoenix, or something with flowers. I'd rather do the phoenix, but I doubt a tattoo artist could really actually do what I've imagined in my head, and I don't want to be disappointed, so I might choose something else. Whatever it is though, It'll be big and definitely be slightly sexy =D

Only downside is when my parents see it, they'll murder me...but I don't care. If I pay for it, and I'm responsible about it, they'll eventually accept it...and maybe, just MAYBE if I explain how much of a motivator it is for me in losing all this weight, they won't freak out as much. *crosses fingers*
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