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I swear, we could eliminate so many rules if people just used politeness and common sense. But it is so uncommon in some settings!

Clearly all grunting during a workout is not distracting or obnoxious, or interferes with people who are working out, which is why the rule is excessive. But I have heard, been distracted by, and found obnoxious "excessive" grunting by people lifting, making noise loud enough to hear through my earphones with music going, which has resulted in injury at least once I'm aware of (the man lifting next to this one guy who would just let rip these incredibly loud grunt/screams during lifting was not expecting the loud noise and dropped a weight on his foot. Not pretty). Dropping heavy weights makes a similarly loud, startling noise, which can result in injury and distraction, even to those doing cardio (I also saw someone fly off of a treadmill after she turned her head to see what happened after the loud crash of a guy dropping a heavy bar).

If the grunting is loud enough, or the bar-dropping loud enough that it startles people, it's dangerous, as humans have automatic startle reactions (looking up, flinching, etc) that can be dangerous in gyms where people are lifting heavy things or using moving equipment. Beyond the annoyance factor, it can be a safety issue, and I think that putting limits in place is reasonable. Obviously all grunts don't fit this description, but without having a decibel meter in the lifting sections, how does one set the standard without using some common sense.
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