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Morning everyone.. its a beautiful sunny day here and the snow is really melting my sl was 94 this am..inspite of a late night dinner(around 9 pm)of grilled pork chop,rice and vegies..yes ruth i think orange jelly beans are a b-day is coming up next month and i bought myself the present that i wanted,a nano grdd showed me hers when she spent the night last weekend and i luved it...ive been making a list of all my favorite tunes..who says an old grama has to act old Denise you will be beautiful on your wedding day,try and not let those feelings spoil your day i sure can relate to those feelings tho,but as ive gotton older i realize its more imp what i think than what i think others are thinking about me,which is probably nothing as they are busy on their own agenda..anyways enuff rattling have agreat op day everyone (((hugs))) rosey

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