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Default Updated Diet Plan

How does this diet plan sound? I'm 15, 5'9", and 280lbs. Thanks for any help/opinions.

Dietary Guidelines:

4 meals per day

vitamin in morning

only wheat bread

1 8oz glass of milk with dinner

8 8oz glasses of water

No soda

Maximum of 1 small bag of chips per day

Meal Plans:

**Just to clarify, I will only pick one of the choices for each meal.

1st meal - Yogurt w/ granola, piece of wheat toast with jam
Cereal w/ 2 pieces of wheat toast with jam
2 Eggs, scrambles w/ 2 pieces of dry wheat toast

2nd meal - Sandwich w/ piece of fruit and drink [no mayo]
Tortilla wrap w/ piece of fruit, chips, and drink [no mayo]
1 burrito or corn dog, only w/ water

3rd meal - Whatever is cooked with vegetables/fruit
Sandwich or Tortilla wrap, with fruit/vegetables [no mayo]

4th meal - Soup w/ fruit/vegetables, cup of milk
Nothing if 3rd meal was out to eat


40+ minutes of basketball after school

20 minutes on elliptical in the morning

**Here's where I need help: what are some strength-building exercises I can do in my room that are quiet? Also I'm only 15 and don't really have any equipment.
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