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Default Updated Diet Plan

How does this diet plan sound? I'm 15, 5'9", and 280lbs. Thanks for any help/opinions.

Dietary Guidelines:

4 meals per day

vitamin in morning

only wheat bread

1 8oz glass of milk with dinner

8 8oz glasses of water

No soda

Maximum of 1 small bag of chips per day

Meal Plans:

**Just to clarify, I will only pick one of the choices for each meal.

1st meal - Yogurt w/ granola, piece of wheat toast with jam
Cereal w/ 2 pieces of wheat toast with jam
2 Eggs, scrambles w/ 2 pieces of dry wheat toast

2nd meal - Sandwich w/ piece of fruit and drink [no mayo]
Tortilla wrap w/ piece of fruit, chips, and drink [no mayo]
1 burrito or corn dog, only w/ water

3rd meal - Whatever is cooked with vegetables/fruit
Sandwich or Tortilla wrap, with fruit/vegetables [no mayo]

4th meal - Soup w/ fruit/vegetables, cup of milk
Nothing if 3rd meal was out to eat


40+ minutes of basketball after school

20 minutes on elliptical in the morning

**Here's where I need help: what are some strength-building exercises I can do in my room that are quiet? Also I'm only 15 and don't really have any equipment.
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I'm hardly an expert but it looks like your breakfasts are a little heavy on carbohydrates and sugars. You're also eating a lot of fruit. Can you substitute some vegis?

I'm also wondering if your overall calorie count is too low. It is kinda hard to tell as you don't have weight/volume measurements of what you're eating, so you might want to check out www.fitday.com. Get a free account, punch in your stats and see what it tells you. You should also check how many calories your current plan would give you. It might be a bit of a surprise! I'm currently eating 1300-1450 a day and I'm losing well. I made the mistake of not eating enough and I didn't lose anything!

If you need to add calories, you might want to consider adding some snacks. If you stay within your chosen calorie limit, then snacking isn't bad. I like chopped vegis, nuts and whole wheat crackers with peanut butter or hummus.

As for breakfasts, have you considered protein powder? I'm at university so breakfasts were a nightmare because I didn't have time. I'd end up ravenous a couple hours after I ate. Now I have a quick protein drink and a fruit and I'm off.

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S/C/G: 255/248/160

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Ack! I somehow didn't notice the amount of exercise you intend to do. If that's what you want to do, then you probably do need more calories. Don't set yourself up for failure by not eating enough. Not only will you feel miserable and eventually push yourself into a blow out, but your body will think it's starving and you'll not lose anything. It sounds pretty crazy that you have to eat to lose but it's true.

As for weight/resistance training, try using cans as weights. There are some great links to sites that have exercises in the Exercise forum. If you can scrape the money together go to a gym and get a couple sessions with a personal trainer. Ask them to put together something you can do at home.

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I think it's great you want to get a handle on your weight when you're 15!! Plus, you want to do it smartly!!

But you have challenges as a teen that us grown ups don't -- you're still growing and need to give yourself enough calories and nutrients to grow. Plus, at 280 pounds you also need more calories just to exist than someone who weighs 100 pounds less. Think of adding a couple of healthy snacks -- apple and peanut butter, or something like that.

That being said, you need a plan that YOU can stick with. You plan sounds like a great start, but maybe not nearly enough food. But is that really going to work every single day -- day in and day out? I worry that you'll get bored with the food, that something like pizza will "call" ... then you binge and next thing you know you're beating yourself up....

I guess what I'm saying is that there are lots and lots of healthy foods and you might not need to be so restrictive to be successful. Be sure to get in enough lean protein to fuel growth!

You might want to post your resistance exercise separately on the "Weight and Resistance Training" forum -- could get lots of advice!

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Good luck and it's great that you're trying to get healthier at such a young age.

Before I bought regular weights for myself, I used two of those $1 candles in the glass jars, tall and skinny ones from the dollar store, for weights, as well as cans (soda or vegetable, whatever is comfortable in your hand). You can also do things like modified pushups for arm strength and some yoga poses can help with some strength and flexibility, that's what I usually did in my room as a teenager before I had any equipment. You can search online for things like the simpler yoga poses and free weight exercises for ideas.

Also as some have said, you may want to try to get more protein in, I find that it's especially helpful to have more protein than carbs in the morning to feel full and not want to gorge myself on snacks through the day, and some snacks can be healthy.

Also on what Heather said on working out every day, I agree that sometimes this can make you get sick of it. Certain things I do every day (going for a walk, doing pushups) but others I do every other day or switch things up a bit. Some people do upper body exercises one day, lower body the next, etc. to give the muscles time to recover as well as because it is less boring.Even though I take a walk every day, I take different paths sometimes, etc.
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