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I am the person who started this threat but I haven't posted in a long time. My update is small at this point--I had a six month checkup appointment with the endocrinologist last week. My prolactin and blood pressure were great, and they were happy with my results with the low dose birth control pills. I was dismayed that I'd only lost 3 more pounds. The doctor was amazed that I weigh as much as I do and said he would have guessed 25 pounds or so lighter, by my appearance. He scheduled a blood sugar and insulin test for me, though, and I will have results on that soon.

For "turtleange" . . . I find your story very sad and I wish I could help. I wonder if you are aware that bromocriptine is a generic drug, though. At my local pharmacy, it's only $8 a month, with or without insurance. Is that a possibility for you?

I will post again. I wish more of us did, more often, myself included.

How is everyone else?
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