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Kristin, If I bring veggies all sliced up to eat in little baggies to work with me, I will eat it at my desk. Since if I have food with me here, I will almost always eat it. Not only is it getting my veggies in, I have something to eat when there is candy or cake or donuts or muffins or bagels here.... Oh and the stupid bread machine that one of my coworkers brought in and makes fresh baked bread right outside of my office a couple of times a week... I need my veggie defense against eating that.

Nicole, You are down over 14 pounds! Amazing! I think you are winning that race to 20.

Jillian, good news that your blood sugar is good. I know it is a pain to go and see the doctor so regularly, but I always liked the reassurance that everything was fine. The first time my ob's nurse took my blood pressure she screwed up and somehow ended up bruising the bejesus out of my arm, so every time I would go in and she would take my blood pressure, they would claim it was a little too high, and then the doctor would retake it and it was fine...

Julie, I can always feel water retention in my fingers too... It is just how my rings fit. If they are wedged onto my fingers, the scale is not going to be kind. I'm an excellent bloater, and your measly 1.5 pounds is hardly anything... I've gone up an astounding 7-8 pounds (the great pickle rebellion of 2008)
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