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Changing things up about the way you eat will feel a little strange at first. It should. If it doesn't, you're doing it wrong... LOL

After you get used to it, it will feel normal. In the summer, when I was able to get outside and walk with my husband each day, the weight practically fell off and left a trail behind me. I remember one night we were walking and I said to him that it felt strange to be losing weight easily and without really thinking about it. He said that the reason this time is different is because I'm approaching it on realistic terms. No more eating alone and crying because I can't eat what they're eating. No more crazy meals. No more expecting miracles when I step on the scale. I walk and I try to make good food choices. That's it.

My arthritis is very bad in the winter (I just turned 40) and I put exercise on hold til it gets warmer. I work in retail so I'm constantly on the move so that's my exercise! LOL I love to walk my dog with DH and am looking forward to it again this spring.

Be true to yourself. It's OK to be out of sorts the first couple of weeks but everything should fall into place within a month. My 3FC blog (link on left) as a page with my general meal plan, if you're interested. My main blog is at but I haven't had time to update it in a while.

Best of luck to you!!
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