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S/C/G: maintaining at 135-140

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I just wanted to comment here to applaud your attitude. You are very inspiring, and I wish everyone could read what you wrote here!

I went from being very overweight in high school to being very underweight and anorexic in college and for several years after. It took me a long time to come to terms with food and my body. I finally feel as if I'm at a healthy spot with my weight, but more importantly, with the way I feel about myself.

It is still a struggle sometimes, to be honest, and I find myself slipping into old behaviors occasionally, but I try to recognize it when it happens. "Food is not the enemy" - YES, so true!

When I read Violin Jenn's post, I immediately recognized that behavior as anorexic behavior. As you probably know, anorexia nervosa literally means fear of gaining weight. Jenn, I am glad you recognize this bahavior, and I hope you take the advice you have been given here and take care of yourself! Your health is much more important than your weight, so be good to YOU!

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"It is still a struggle sometimes, to be honest, and I find myself slipping into old behaviors occationally, but I try to recognize it when it happens."

EXACTLY!! I couldn't have said it better myself.

I slipped into anorexia as a 16 year old. I didn't eat for long periods of time. Weeks and months at a time. I finally realized what I was doing when people kept telling me how thin I was and I all I saw in the mirror were my faults/flab/you-name-it. I found myself slipping into it a few more times as I entered my 20's but now I know that you lose weight, you must eat.

Thank you for saying I'm inspiring. That made me feel great!! I am just trying to be successful like everyone else... but if I can help some one else who is going through the same things that I am... it makes all the difference to me.

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