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We didn't have plumbing problems - we had an ice dam - turns out that the cover on the gutter over the corner had slipped, but we caught it with just a significant drip and were out on ladders cleaning the icicles and gutters out. But it looks like the ceiling won't fall in.

Also had prime rib, and I made a Yorkshire pudding. I only do it once a year, and it's a special treat. Worked out hard yesterday - I'm now swimming a half mile whenever I do laps, and I rowed for 20 mins, and rode on the stationery bike for 25. There are some muscles under my flab! I'm down another pound.

Ageoldie - welcome back!

Thanks for the pix, Barb! I miss having a young'en to surprise.
DD's 19, so her Christmas was mostly preplanned - she pretty much selected what she wanted, although she was pretty pleased with the Isotoners I got her - drat! I was hoping she'd not care, and then I could abscond with them.

Tests were OK - I have to have another test in 6 months, because there's something there, but they believe it's just scar tissue from my surgeries. I used lidocaine patches for 2 hrs before squishing - diagnostic mammos can hurt, and the patches made a huge difference. But I'm really grateful that I'm so lucky - one of the young women in my support group died Christmas Eve, and the funeral is Monday. She was only 34, and was originally diagnosed with a less serious cancer than mine. 85% of all women are fine - I prefer being in the majority on this one.

So, Frohliche Weinachten to y'all, and I'll be posting again before the Gutes Neues Jahr!
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