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Terri in MO 12-22-2008 09:51 AM

300+ And Getting Fit after 40 #190
This thread is a sub-set of the 300+ thread.

This group is for those dealing with the challenges of having a significant amount of weight to lose and being fit which becomes harder after age 40. If you're an old or new friend and not over 40 and feel this is the place to post, jump right in.

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Terri in MO 12-22-2008 10:13 AM

Morning ladies,

Its Christmas week! Like Ruth said, its flying by so quickly. I guess the good thing about that is that the time for overeating flies by quickly too. :shrug:

After posting yesterday, I headed out to the fitness center. I did 20 minutes on the ellipt and then 10 minutes on the stationary bike. Since I had done the weight machines on Saturday, I spent 10 minutes each on a couple of the toning machines. Those are a good way to cool down before heading out into the cold. Also very relaxing as I almost fell asleep on the last one.

I must have been tired yesterday and needed sleep because after a sandwich for lunch, I hit the recliner in the front living room to watch a movie. However, I slept for almost 3 hours. I woke up and it was almost dark out. I intended to nap but I did not intend for that long.

After coming out of the afternoon coma, I made brown sugar cashew fudge; chocolate chip banana nut breads; and Maime Eisenhower chocolate fudge. I tasted a bite of the cashew fudge and thought, yuck its too sweet. Good to give away. I had already tasted the nut bread and am tired of it so those are giveaways as well. I tasted a little bit of the chocolate fudge and its yummy. However, its a giant batch and I've already told DH that most of it will be given away and then we're freezing the rest. I think the main thing was just to try making it. All were recipes that I've not done before and I wanted to see if I could. I could, I did and I don't need to eat it all.

Today, we have to get outside and put a tarp over the little storage area that we have. We need to get out mowers protected. We keep trying but the wind makes it difficult. It looks like a calm morning so this may be it. Then we're headed to our electric company to exchange regular light bulbs for energy efficient light bulbs. They will exhange up to 24. What a deal. I might make pecan brittle this afternoon. And I want to make a bunch of peanut butter dog cookies. I need to do more house cleaning; get a few more things ready for ebay; and study. Oh yeah, the fitness center is in here before 5 pm. I think today will be treadmill day and C25K doing incline.

Speaking of the zone, I am so mad at myself because I was so into the zone there for a while last spring. I was working out hard almost every day. But then springtime outdoor chores came and I made the mistake of allowing those chores to interfere with the workout time. This year, I have to keep in the exercise zone and not tell myself that the outdoor chores count as exercise. While they are okay for strengthing, they are not okay to replace the cardio/fat burning. I'm getting back into the zone!

Ruth - I am finding myself enjoying the simplified Christmas decorations. I used to be all gung-ho about decorating as well. I have so much stuff stored in a closet. This year, I put up three trees. However, all the trees have on them is lots of lights and bead garlands. I didn't do the ornaments. I'm happy just to have the trees on and the lights. I'm even going to sort out a bunch of decorations to give away. I already gave a tub of lights to a friend's daughter who wanted to decorate the outside of her new townhome but didn't have the money to buy lights as she is a single mom with two young daughters. Maybe you're just moving into a simplified lifestyle. Enjoy it! And we'll be alone on Christmas day too and we LOVE it. Yes, we sleep in the recliners. We make a special meal for us; talk to the kids on the phone; and just enjoy the quiet day. We used to try to get everyone together but that became a bigger hassle each year so we decided that if they want the big family gathering, they are old enough to have it. And the two boys don't really like each other that much so its not important to them. We'll see the oldest son and his wife one night this week for dinner. Again, its that simplified lifestyle.

Judy - How was your stay at home day? You guys get so much snow; I can't imagine it. Stay safe and warm!

I should go get DH up so that we can get this outside project done before the wind kicks up. Oops, the temp per weather bug says its 2 degrees. Maybe not. :brr:

:wave: to all!

Lilion 12-22-2008 10:51 AM

Good Morning Ladies!
I should be working...as always, but I decided to check and post instead. It was quite a weekend, but not bad, just busy.

Friday's party was quite nice. It was a little get-together of work colleagues, but not an "office party" - only the people we actually like were invited, and we had a great time. Did I eat too much munchies? Well, yes, :rolleyes: but like I said, I don't particularly care right now. I skipped WW entirely as I was tired and bloated and stayed home. I took DS Christmas shopping for those last-minute gifts. Made banana bread to give away, just three small loaves, but of course, I ate most of one myself over Saturday and Sunday. :( Mostly, Saturday I relaxed with DS. Sunday I got on a cleaning binge and cleaned all the public areas of my house. I even did a bit more holiday decorating, tablecloths, etc. I also made a BIG pot of chicken, veggie and brown rice soup, which was just delish and I have it for lunch the next couple days. So, there is now SOMETHING healthy to eat in the house. And, as usual, did some office work. Tonight, another party! This one is my SCA group, which is always fun. We do a "Viking" gift exchange. It's just a white-elephant style exchange with "pillaging" of gifts from other people allowed. Gotta call it something medieval. :p

I almost am to the point of not posting. Seems all I do is talk about eating and not exercising. :no: This just won't do. I really just want to get thru the next week, WI and see what damage has truly been done, then get to work on fixing it. DH is with me on it...in fact, probably more determined to lose than I am. He just got a machine for sleep-apnea and was told losing weight would help. He weighs just what I do, which I think is fine on him, but he's a guy and I always liked big men. One things for sure, I won't be married to someone who's thin and me still be fat :mad: so I guess I'll have more motivation there!

I suppose I should work at some point today. I only work two days this week and probably should try to make them count! :wave:

Heather 12-22-2008 10:53 AM

Morning all!

I'm back from my trip to visit my family. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to fly back from Boston to Chicago, but it worked out fine. I had a good visit, but am very happy to be home.

We are going to have a very very quiet Christmas, and I'm okay with that. Easier to get back into the "zone" Terri's talking about. I'm not there now, but want to be!

Lilion 12-22-2008 12:48 PM

We'll be having a quiet, family Christmas on Christmas eve, since DH has to work Christmas day. I hate that. I've never in 45 years done Christmas other than Christmas morning, but I suppose I have to be flexible. :lol: We'll do dinner with my brother's family on the 27th (no gifts) and then the BIG family Christmas at the in-laws on the 28th. NOT quiet, very hectic and usually quite fun.

Keeping :crossed: for us all getting back in "the zone" after the holidays! I remember the zone fondly. I got up early, worked out, ate right and just plain felt better than I do now!


Terri in MO 12-22-2008 02:51 PM

Hi again,

We've finally got the outside tasks done. OMG, it was so cold but at least the wind was very minimal. The horses have hay and are happy and the mowers are covered from additional snow/ice. :brr:

I'm going to have a rest and then head into town for the fitness center and the library. :D

Lilion - I keep thinking about asking but what is the process now that you have applied for your job? Do you have to interview and all that? I had to do that and hated it. I felt so demoralized. I hope you don't have to go through the same. :crossed: When can DH get better hours? Ever?

Lilion 12-22-2008 05:15 PM

Hey Terri. Sorry about the CPA exam. :hug: You'll get them next time! As for my job, basically we've been told that if we don't hear anything, then we are to keep working. Nice, huh? :rolleyes: As far as I know, there's no interviewing...but there may be. Basically, we've been told nothing other than if we didn't reapply by Dec. 23, they'd assume we didn't want our jobs.

I may become an anarchist! :lol:

Terri in MO 12-22-2008 06:23 PM

:woohoo: Back from the fitness center. 30 minutes on the treadmill doing C25K with the incline instead of jogging. I think I like the hill work better than jogging anyway. Felt great. I did work on the circuit machines and then headed over to the library. This is the cutest library. Smaller than my garage/barn. But they know me when I come in and I love that. I got four books. Two book books and two on CDs.

I saw the most amazing sight on my way to town and back. In one of the large, open fields there was this flock of birds swarming and landing. There were hundreds of them floating up and down, swirling and circling. There were mostly white birds with black tips on their wings. The white against the gloominess of the barren corn field and the sky was beautiful. I'm going to go look up to see what kinds of birds they are; some kind of geese, I think. There were also quite a few Canada geese trying to hunker down for the night too.

:wave: to all! (again! :D)

Edited: Well, duh, the white geese with black wings are snow geese. Just beautiful.

j-ann 12-22-2008 07:25 PM

Terri: I love snow geese. Their basic colors make huge flocks so dramatic to watch. You were lucky.

We've got about 2' - 2.5' of snow on the ground with much higher drifts. Lake effect should move north this evening. Good thing cause we got about 6" in the last 3 hrs.Driving is treacherous (sp?) to say the least.

Good for you to really working on your exercise comittment.

Liliion: "I may become an anarchist!" Love it!!!

BarbPA 12-22-2008 10:31 PM

:wave: Popping in for a quick howdy! I'm actually enjoying a somewhat quiet evening. I had a great day today...took cookies to hubby's office, met a girlfriend for lunch, did some shopping, worked out with my trainer, played with the boys and now catching up with my 3FC buddies. I hope you all had a happy and healthy day!!!

Tomorrow DH is off and we are going Santa shopping for the little guys. Should be interesting and challenging....I know he'll want to eat crappy food and will try to buy way too many gifts for the boys.

Night Gals.

gggirls 12-23-2008 08:16 AM

Hi Peeps - my zone has taken a detour - I want it back NOW! I am up 6 pounds this week - how can I do this to myself. My phrase for 2009 is SUCCESS IS A CHOICE - I need to make some better choices this week.

Have a great day! Stay warm and enjoy.


dgramie 12-23-2008 09:35 AM

Teri_ My daughter just graduated from college (finished her last class)will walk the line in May.She will start studying for the CPA right after she gets married in feb.
Carol- You will find the zone again and i sure hope and pray i can also. You know you really didnt gain 6lbs this week!!
barb- have fun shopping

judy- we are getting freezing rain again ..i hate freezing rain!

lilion- I really wish in some ways were having a quite christmas.

It all starts today.I have to cook and clean today and finish wrapping. Laundry laundry and more laundry awaits me today. Then tonight my oldest daughter will be home if the roads are ok with her guy. Tommorow we will bake all the goodies she is wanting plus what my youngest daughter is wanting. Hubby even has his request in. We have to Christmas here christmas morning early with son and his family and our new granddaughter. Then head out to our families an hour away. We have eat with hubbys side at 12 and my side at 2. Alot of food in very short time frame!! I will also have to go to the hospital and see my brother who is being transferred today. He will still be in ICU for awhile but things are looking better. He had WLS go bad a 2 weeks ago. His kidneys are still not working but after being septic he is very lucky to be alive. Im sure on friday the tree will come down early in the day. Hopefully I will get back on track then. I want in the zone so bad!!!! I have 8 weeks till daughter wedding.

Heather 12-23-2008 09:56 AM

Enjoyed a quiet day yesterday. Grocery shopping and some cooking, but I'm on vacation for 2 weeks and enjoying every minute.

Lilion 12-23-2008 12:20 PM

Merry Christmas Ladies!
Probably won't post over the next few days, so I wanted to take the time to say:

:present:Happy Holidays to one and all! :xcheer:

Tomorrow is my Christmas since DH works Christmas day. I am making a fattening breakfast, because DS and DH LOVE biscuits and gravy...Dinner will be ham and potatoes au graten and salad and veggies. I'll try to be somewhat good. :shrug: I'm hoping for a nice, quiet day. Looking forward to the holidays being over really and DH and I do plan on getting back in THE ZONE by New Year!

Hope you all have a safe, warm and wonderful holiday season. :clause:

Terri in MO 12-24-2008 11:21 AM

Merry Christmas Eve!

What a beautiful morning! The sun is shining and there is a small dusting of snow on the ground. But the sun is shining!!! Seems like days that the sun has been out.

We're not planning on going anywhere today. I think I will get some housework done. I always do better at that when the sun is shining. Too bad I can't find somewhere to send DH for several hours to get him out of my hair. He can be a big distraction to productiveness.

Lilion - Merry Christmas! Have a great day and enjoy the time with your family!

I'm off to vacuum now! :D :wave: to all!

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