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This has been one crazy weekend. Everyone is all excited and bubbly and making plans for the wedding and I've been eating all day. Not that everything I've eaten is bad but it's been all day. I think I'm finished now. The wedding is going to be the end of June or the beginning of July. DS and GF have talked with the minister and have tentatively booked the church and I've had my hand in everything they've been doing. I've told them not to mind me but do whatever they want but they've obliged me and let me chatter on and on about what would be nice, etc. DS will be gone all week until Friday so I guess things will be back to normal by tomorrow and I'll get back on track. I didn't get in my run today but did get my biking done. And on top of everything I made jam today.

Mtiger, that's awesome about you and your friend.

Rain Dancer, hope you find a place in town that you like.

Thanks modcat and armywife. I'm excited. Can you tell?

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