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I think about this a lot- I've always been heavy, and my weight has fluctuated greatly, in spans of months. When I was younger, my Mom had me do phen-phen, and I lost a lot of weight then. I gained it back as soon as I went to college. I tried it again and lost weight, gained it back as soon as I stopped. Started losing again, through exercise, and then injured myself pretty badly, couldn't cook and couldn't exercise, and gained it all back. Moved to Santa Barbara and started a new job, living on my own. Started birth control- got to the highest weight I've ever been. A soda a day or more will do that to you.

I've come down from that weight with diet and exercise. No more pills for me. No more easy way out. It doesn't work.

This is HARD. This is harder than anything I've ever done before. But- I see more improvements in myself every day. I'm running 4 minutes straight, I who could not run 1 minute before. I'm walking up a huge hill and not stopping. I couldn't do that before.

Nothing worth doing is easy. I agree that this is a change in lifestyle. This is about not having high blood pressure when I'm only 27. This is about being able to shop in normal stores, and not hating my body. This is about running a half marathon in December (Okay, walking a half marathon, but I'll run some!).

This is about being fit enough that when I decide to have children, I will be able to do so safely. And I'll be around long enough to see them grow. This is about being able to run with the dog I'll someday have. And getting a Border Collie and not a Dachshund because I will be able to run with my future dog...

This is knowing that it's hard and my life will be better, is better, because of it.
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