South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Default Why will this time be different?

If any of you are like me, this is not the first diet you have ever been on. Many of us keep gaining and losing the same ten pounds and can't seem to keep the weight off. If this is true, why is this time going to be different?

For me, doing it for myself and to be a good example for my children is the reason I will keep the weight off this time. I also find the south beach way of eating to be very "easy" (after phase I was over!). I have my cravings under control for the first time in years and I no longer think about food all day long.

What are your reasons?
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Originally Posted by thunderbegone View Post

What are your reasons?
Well, quite a few reasons really. I am sick of not feeling good about myself and trying to 'hide' my appearance. I realized how bad that had gotten when I skipped my class reunion (that I would have loved to attend) because I didn't want people to see how fat I'd gotten. I used to be very small in high school.
Most importantly, my children. They deserve to have a healthy, active mother that will be able to keep up with them. Also, I worry about future health issues keeping up the way I have been, which is not fair to them either. I don't want my weight to ever effect them, ever. So I have to slim down, no excuses.

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Determined to lose!
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For me, while I don't like how big I am, I think it's more about learning the proper way to eat! Therefore, I am not seeing this as a "diet" that's a "quick fix" or something that's restricted till I lose the weight. I'm seeing it as a "diet" as in a plan to eat healthy to bring my body to a healthy state. Lower blood pressure, better concentration are just two of the things I've noticed, weight loss is a Big benefit, but I'm also focusing on how I feel! When I stick to lots of water and lots of veggies, lay off the carbs, I have more energy than I've ever had! I'm not craving the carbs right now, so I find it important to pay attention as I add in the p2 foods.

So, why is this time different? NOt for any other person, for if thats the case it usually WILL fail. For me, it's finally realizing that this way of eating not only is healthier for me, but I FEEL better. Not just about how I look, but truly the inside, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, more energy, less exhaustion, no gas, regulated periods.... all are benefits that none can compare, and of course, the better looking body will eventually be in the list!
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The book Thin For Life by Anne Fletcher asks this question to the diet "masters" in her book. I have only read the first few chapters but am already quite interested to find out all the details that those successful in dieting and maintaining their weight loss have to say.
Thanks to Cyndi for recommending the book.
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This time will be different because my body WANTS the change. I can feel the difference in my mood and my energy. This is it! This is how I want to eat because this is how I want to feel Weightloss is secondary at this point and I really haven't noticed much weightloss, but that could be because I started my period. Day five of Phase 1 though. Feeling much easier than day 3, thank god.

p.s. I've never eaten so many veggies in such a short amount of time EVER! lol
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This time is diffrent for me because I view SBD as a way of eating, not a diet (if that makes sense). Also because I now know how to cheat without going overboard..If I do cheat I do so in the most SBD friendly way I'll eat a klondike bar (I like them because they're already portioned out) instead of a package of oreos. I do this because ice cream is more SBD friendly than refined carbs. Or if I want to cheat with a meal I'll get a plate of wings instead of pizza. Then afterwards I wont beat myself up and will stay OP the rest of the day. I really have not had any big binges on refined carbs since I started. I think the key to any diet plan is knowing how to cheat, and to not give up after a slip up.

I also believe that this is a realistic way for me to eat for the rest of my life, I am not counting calories or points, I am simply planning out my meals and eating a decent sized portion. I am NOT going hungry and I enjoy the food I eat.

I also believe that I will be successful this time because I set very reasonable goals for myself (see sig). I set goals for every month for the rest of the year (they get smaller as the year goes on). I think that having something to shoot I"m only focused on 8 pounds right now not OMG I need to loose 50, helps keep me focused. Also most months I finish my goal a week or so before the month ends, this gives me a week to relax and maintain (and have more SBD friendly cheats) which is good for my psyche.
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I've never been much of a yo-yo dieter, lose and gain back, etc. I have been overweight to some extent ever since I was about 8YO. I only remember twice that I was successful at losing weight, 7 lbs. on Jenny Craig one time, and about 35 lbs. on the T-factor Diet back in the 80s.
So for me this time is different because it's the first time I've ever lost this much weight and maintained it for any amount of time.
What was different this time was finding the right plan, finding the support I needed (3fc), and some of the shocking realizations I came to that got me started. At 245 lbs, I was exactly 100 lbs. over the highest "normal" weight for my height, which qualified me as morbidly obese. When I started telecommuting a couple of years ago, I also started unrestrained snacking and put on the last 20 lbs. or so. And I realized my world was shrinking. There were lots of things I wouldn't attempt to do with my kids. I had terrible sleep apnea. I couldn't climb the stairs without getting winded. When cleaning my house, I had to take frequent rests. I was starting to see how a person could become housebound by their weight.
So for me, this time is it, because I never want to go back to that dark scary place and I have the tools now to make sure that I don't.
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Because I'm getting older, and the older I get, the harder it is to lose weight.

Because I'm sick of hiding my body.

Because I'm borderline with all of these medical issues: diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease.

Because I have Fibromyalgia and I feel horrible when I am off SBD.

Because I need to get more physically active to keep up with my physically active hubby, and need to have more energy and stamina to make it through the day.

Because I am tired of missing out on wearing a bathing suit to the beach, wearing cute clothes, and going on long hikes.

That is why it will be different this time.
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For me I feel like if I don't make these changes, the chances of me being able to conceive and carry a child to term are near impossible. I so want to be a mother and I know that in order to be the best mother I can be I need to take care of myself and my issues. It's a matter of getting things back under control, finding a balance, and making a conscious effort every day to understand what I put in my mouth and how it will effect me. I know this will be a life long task, and I'm finally at a point where the life long commitment has been made.
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It will be different because I want to be different. I want to succeed.
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Come on ONEderland!
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I think about this a lot- I've always been heavy, and my weight has fluctuated greatly, in spans of months. When I was younger, my Mom had me do phen-phen, and I lost a lot of weight then. I gained it back as soon as I went to college. I tried it again and lost weight, gained it back as soon as I stopped. Started losing again, through exercise, and then injured myself pretty badly, couldn't cook and couldn't exercise, and gained it all back. Moved to Santa Barbara and started a new job, living on my own. Started birth control- got to the highest weight I've ever been. A soda a day or more will do that to you.

I've come down from that weight with diet and exercise. No more pills for me. No more easy way out. It doesn't work.

This is HARD. This is harder than anything I've ever done before. But- I see more improvements in myself every day. I'm running 4 minutes straight, I who could not run 1 minute before. I'm walking up a huge hill and not stopping. I couldn't do that before.

Nothing worth doing is easy. I agree that this is a change in lifestyle. This is about not having high blood pressure when I'm only 27. This is about being able to shop in normal stores, and not hating my body. This is about running a half marathon in December (Okay, walking a half marathon, but I'll run some!).

This is about being fit enough that when I decide to have children, I will be able to do so safely. And I'll be around long enough to see them grow. This is about being able to run with the dog I'll someday have. And getting a Border Collie and not a Dachshund because I will be able to run with my future dog...

This is knowing that it's hard and my life will be better, is better, because of it.
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Ever since I gained all the baby weight I have been yo yoing up and down... I am just really tired of losing the same weight over and over again.
I was tired of feeling embarassed of myself and feeling embarassed for my husband to have a cow like me for his wife. When he was home I would always be meeting people from his unit and their wives and all I could think was how could he love showing me off ??
So now that he is in Iraq I have been exercising alot more as it helps me de stress and for the 2 hours I am at the gym I zone out and just think about exercsing.. And not where my hubby is and what he could be doing.
Besides being on the Beach doesn't feel like a diet... I have always loved to exercise.. I just hated to diet. So it has been so much easier being on the beach than anything I have tried before.

Yes I changed my ticker I lost 2 pounds last week! Maybe I will reach my mini goal after all.. 165 by Sat! *crosses fingers*
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Tired of all the yo-yoing. Tired of counting points, weighing & measuring everything on WW. Tired of keeping so many sizes in my closet. Tired of making excuses for my weight gain. Needing to get my cholesterol under control without medicine. Needing to feel good about myself. Now I'm cooking great dishes again that my husband loves. I'm not in a food rut with my family. South Beach is fun!
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I am approaching the big 50 next month...I realized that I needed to take CARE of myself....That I had let myself go - over and over again (hence my name)...EVERY time I dieted - Atkins, Jenny Craig, WW...I would fail. SB is DOABLE....I Feel GOOD - except for a few "rough" first few days....this has been a diet - or should I say way of life....that I can stick with and feel good on...Nothing else has fit that bill. everything else felt like a huge sacrifice that was not sustainable over the long term...this is different. I am SOOOO happy!
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