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Originally Posted by PrettyPaula View Post
I've flirted with Atkins before but never done a strict induction. i struggled as my first low carb experience was a plan which is censored here when i type it? not good.

We live & learn from our mistakes. Over the years, I tried various low fat diets thinking they were going to work, which obviously, when I reached 245 lbs, I came to the conclusion I needed to try something different

My metabolism is awful, i am totally intolerent to carbohydrates and doing low carb in england is very very hard work. You get alot of lectures and talks from various people who have been brainwashed into believing fat is bad and will kill you.

Let me tell you something Paula, the lectures & the talk against Atkins from brainwashed, ignorant people is just as common in the US. IF Atkins killed people...I'd have been dead years ago! I just chalk it up to people being uneducated regarding low carb. My real problem is with the medical profession & their brainwashing of people! They preach & preach "low fat"...yet, obesity & diabetes are in epidemic proportions! Ummmm....HELLO...wake up & smell the coffee...something ain't working here! Back in December, my DBF was told he has high cholesterol and IMMEDIATELY the Dr. wanted to put him on Lipitor, I said "NO WAY!"...Since then, he's lost 35 lbs. doing pretty much low carb. He'll be getting his cholesterol re-checked in August...I'll keep you posted on his progress

Im currently 211 pounds, im 5ft 10 and think my initial goal weight is 170 although this may change.

I made the decision to do atkins properly last night and i started this morning.

Ive been grocery shopping, printed off the acceptable foods list and feel ready to face the challenges that i know are coming my way!
Making the decision to change your life is the biggest step! You CAN do this!!!

All the best to you!!
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