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Hey Katie, love the user name as that is my daughter's real life name as well KatieK, as our last name starts with a K.

I think the new shoes will be huge. I can never use NB for my walking once I found how much better running shoes were for me. I think you will find relief there. Cross trainers are a weird breed - like a one shoe fits all - but yet, there's no such thing. IMO c/t's are really just for wl'ing, maybe recreational (but not brisk) walking that you would on a day sightseeing, and maybe biking or ellipticaling. But they don't "Cross" over into running, lol.

I agree you were killing it with the HIIT. I understand your need to be active every day and your love for ssc, as I lost my weight the same way before HIIT became a popular topic here (and when I thought I couldn't run bc of my weight - heck now I run across the soccer field when I need to get somewhere instead of the long walk around!) Anyway, my schedule is something like this:

Sunday: SS Cardio, 30 m

Mon: HIIT, 30 min. of alternating 1 min sprints on 5.0, and 4 min recoveries on 3.5 (sound familiar)? I have no urge to crank these up bc last year when I did, I quit. No longer enjoyed it. Felt overwhelmed.

Tue: SS cardio, 30 min; FBWL - 90 minutes in evening watching The Biggest Loser

Wed: off day on cardio since WL was so late the evening before

Thurs: HIIT, same as above

Fri: ss cardio, save as above & FBWO

Sat: HIIT, same as above
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