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Default New to this Thread but, not to Site

HEY Everyone!
I have been on this site for a while now and everytime I think I'm going to commit to losing the weight I need to something comes up. I come here for support and have found it several times but, never follow through with it. For those who don't know me here is my BIO: I'm 21 years old, Married, No kids(yet!), my parents(biologically grandparents) **Legally Parents** live with me, I have a dog, I'm a full time student, I live in FL, I take care of my mom, I'm a fun loving all around great person that has turned to food for what:I could come up with a ton of excuses to use but, why lie....BOREDEM. I have low income. My husband is the one who is working (for me and him) and my dad (61 years old) is working he puts up fences but that type of work is about to kill him literally. After the 1st of the year he will quit working so I will have to work and go to school FULL TIME with 2 online classes, 1 night class and 2 on campus classes. WOW what a load. I have my husband right now on a balanced eating schedule he weighed 218 and he has been eating right and now he is 208 he was a 40 now he can wear a 38. Why haven't I followed that trend you might ask...well he is at work all day he has a set schedule in what to do and I fix his lunch for him to take to work. So, he has it made. I need support so I can lose my weight I have had things that happened to me 8 years ago that I could say is WHY I eat like I do now but, I have gotten over that stage in life where I eat because of that chapeter in my life. I weigh 195 I wear a 18/20 I'm 5'2. I feel like a slob, I hate to wear clothes that "fit" I like baggy jeans and baggy t-shirts *others in the house hate it*. I have worries of dying young from heart disease, diabeties, heartattack, stroke (which all therse RUN real close in the family) my MOM(Legal MOM Biological Grandmother) has heart disease and has had a heart attack with open heart surgery tripel bi-pass and she has diabeties.
I have ramble enough I just need a good support system to keep me in track to help me along the way and to KNOW where I'm coming from.
THanks in advance and thanks for reading,
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I can understand what you mean.. both of my parents and my older sister are diabetics, heart problems run in my family.. one of my major motivations to finally lose weight is to avoid the weight-related health risks that are so prominant in my family.

Wow, you do sound busy... but there are ways to work around it. A helpful thing I have found is to find one or two inexpensive low-calorie recipes, and make a lot of them in one day, then portion them out and freeze them. They'll keep good a lot longer that way than if you put them in the fridge, and when you need a meal you can thaw it the night before, or just throw it on the stove or in the microwave.. and it's a lot less expensive than frozen dinners (for the same amount of money I would spend to buy a week or less worth of LeanCuisine meals, I make enough chicken and pasta soup and spinich-feta bake to last me two weeks)

As for exercising.. colleges usually have gyms that students can use.. or you can just walk around campus between classes, or around the block on your break at work.

You can do it! We're glad to have you here!
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Hello there Crystal!

Wow, you are a really busy person. I admit it is harder to lose weight when your busy because you're just to tired. But it is doable. You can sneak in your exercise between classes. Just walk around for a couple of minutes. And that would be great! Anyway...are you planning on following a specific diet plan?

I know you can do it! We'll be here for each other.
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