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Default Finals are here

and chocolate is my only friend. OK, it's not true, but it felt that way yesterday, when I actually went to the vending machine, bought a chocolate bar, and ate it. That is just not me anymore, but I sure did it. I am so glad this will all be over tomorrow. Anyone else having similar problems?
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I am such a stress eater, i can identify (although i've been out of college for 3 years now) I understand! When i have stressful weeks at work, I EAT ALL KINDS OF JUNK!!! I know its totally no justification, but for some reason, I tell myself it's ok since i'm under stress, even though i know its totally not ok! I wouldn't beat yourself up over one chocolate bar though If you're almost done with finals and thats all the damage, give yourself a pat on the back and keep up the great work
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A suggestion from an expert finals binger (I feel the right to call myself an "expert" because during finals every morning I go to Walgreens and buy food for the day of studying. That's right in 1 day I eat a BIG bag of cheetos, a big bag of chocolate covered raisins, and a big bag of peanut M & Ms - and that's just to munch on) I always tell myself it will last me the week of finals but it doesn't even last me a day. Advice: Don't buy things you can just keep sticking your hand in and munching on. For meals GO OUT. Make it a relaxing break with good but healthy food. If you must munch buy indiviually portioned bags of healthy food like pretzels. Or do fruit and veggy snacks.
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i think as long as you are accounting for the candy bar you should be good. i been out of college for two years but i am a stress eater. there are days that when i put my daughter to bed i march into the kitchen and shove cookies in my mouth. i have no idea how many because i didn't count. i have been trying to stop doing that by counting everything.
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I’m a law student and we have 3 weeks of finals. Dieting H*** to say the least. The Monday of my first week of finals I went to the store and bought baby carrots, cucumbers, green peppers, fat free pretzels, popcorn mini-bags (portion control), and one package of sugar free break and bake cookies (which after almost 2 weeks I still haven’t opened.) Thus far I have had a binge free finals week (with the except of a diet coke filled weekend). So I guess that is my suggestion surround yourself with healthy food, create a daily eating plan and think it is only one week.
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During finals this term, I made an effort to study in places that didn't have food so readily available because normally I would eat excessively. Even doing something like studying on the top floor of the library when the vending machine is in the basement helped beacuse I would have to really think, as I went down the stairs, about what I was doing and I'd usually guilt myself out of it by the time I got in front of the machine. Also, I bought cut up veggies so I could do the hand to mouth motion that I was accustomed to, but I avoided eating all the junk that I normally would have.
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Veggies work for me too. I can eat a bag of baby carrots in one Good luck on your exams!!
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I totally understand you. I've been fat in two out of four years of college. Actually I was skinny when I entered college and just got big every year of college. I just have to eat everytime I study. Don't beat yourself up for eating a chocolate bar. At least you were able to restrain yourself from eating more. If it was me...maybe I'll eat 3 bars. lol. Next time maybe you can bring your own snack so you wouldn't be tempted by the vendo.

Anyway, I hope you do well on your exams!
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yep, Im in the throes of finals now too and my big problem is enegy drinks and coke...during all nighters I drink LOTS Of them. My friend insists that ice cold water is just as effective...I'm not sure I believe that.
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I'm not setting a very good example, I just had probably the most stressful exam I've EVER had in my entire school-going LIFE and am sitting in front of a bowl of ice cream I bought one of the little bitty containers, the pint ones, of "light" ice cream (whatever that means), so it's not SO bad. And I'm not going to feel guilty about it either! I've been freakishly good about my eating during exams, so I'm not going to kick myself for a bit of ice cream. As long as it's just a bit

Good luck ladies with the rest of your finals.... I have one left that I'm going to do tonight and I'll be done!!
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