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Default Frustrated

Okay, I'm getting frustrated with my weight gain. I've done much better eating the past few weeks, and have worked out more the past few weeks than I did the entire month of November, but still I've gained almost 5 lbs these last two weeks. I don't know if it is because I'm drinking more water and my body isn't used to it, or what? I'm trying to not let the gain get me down, but it's kind of frustrated when I would think that it would be going down. I have a slight problem with fast food and soda, but I've cut both of those out of my diet and have been making food at home. Is it normal to gain a few pounds before you start to lose?

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Poor thing, that is awfully discouraging! Hmmm, it is tricky to know what's going on. Best thing would be to count your calories (you can enter them on for a week and really see what you're eating. You could have cut out sodas but maybe added juices that are just as fattening. Or you are eating healthy, but still too many calories. I was trying to lose weight for months and nothing was really happening. But looking back, I really wasn't "trying" all that hard. For example, I was eating a steak the size of a (large) plate and thought that was healthy and good for my "diet" cuz it was low carb. And I was working out sporadically maybe 2 to 3 times per week, and barely no cardio at all cuz I used to maintain on weights alone (that does not seem to work for losing though). I say, count those calories (check out the forum) every single day, get meal ideas from the wonderful ladies in the calorie counters forum (supposedly lots of protein and fiber throughout the day might make your metabolism kick in), and get lots of exercise. If you're not at least on a 4 day a week walking program, consistently, that could hamper your progress. But I bet you will be surprised with the number of calories you're consuming on those home cooked meals. Anyway, I'm still only losing an average of .5 per week, so I'm no expert!
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Lots of factors might cause you to gain a few pounds, the first if its your Time of the Month or right before, I usually gain a few lbs, then they go away on thier own by the end of the week. So if thats it, dont worry about it. I also agree with Mami, and even if you are eating healthy foods, you might be eating too much, so try and track your calories for awhile to see how many your are eating...great job with cutting out the fast food and soda though! If nothing else, you're a little healthier without that junk!
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Don't be discouraged. That happened to me in the first 18 days of my diet. I was eating very well in small amounts and I still gained 2 pounds. I thought it was very weird but I still continued with my diet. On day 21 I checked and I lost more than 4 lbs. Really weird.

And like what denice81 said, if it's your time of the month, usually you gain around 3 lbs.

Cheer up!
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All of the ladies thus far are right.
Another thing to consider is the medical aspect. When was the last time you had a yearly pap and check up? The amount of people in North America suffering from hormonal issues or imbalances is shockingly high. I suggest getting your thyroid checked. Major thyroid issues can cause you to gain weight rapidly, lose it rapidly, or make it troublesome to lose at all.

To get rid of water retention (if it is that), drink tons more water! LOL. Silly, I know, but true!
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Instead of relying only on weight, invest in a small measurement thingamabob. (The ones that are like a tape measure, only they're not hard).

Sometimes the scale says funny things that can be really discouraging, but if you keep track of your measurements, you can see your progress easier.
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When you say "working out", are you strength training? Alot of times when you drastically alter your exercise routine, or start lifting weights for example, you will gain a few pounds at first because of the change in body composition. In other words, muscle weighs more than fat, and you may have put on more muscle.
I agree that it could also be TOM-I gain up to 5 pounds every time.
Just keep up what you know is healthy. It will come back off!
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