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Default Enough is enough!

Im so tired of starting a diet. Then having one day that just screws everything up. Ok so the weekends are the times when i usually mess up big time. So ive decided that since tommorrow is Friday, what better way to start my diet off then by starting it on the roughest time. The thing thats so disappointing to me is that i cant even lose the basics of 10lbs. Right now im 190 and i just want to take it 10 lbs at a time. I feel soooo pathetic. my goal weight is around 150! Seems like ill never get there. Any calorie counters out there who can offer any advice. Or is there anyone who only wants to lose around 40lbs or so and just cant seem to start??
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willpower - I have about 12 lbs to lose to be at goal weight and I suffer from the same thing. I think the reason is I look at this as dieting, and not EATING HEALTHY to lose weight. One thing that has been working great for me is calorie counting...When you break it down to simple math (less calories in more calories out) and can actually crunch the numbers it feels empowering.
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1. If you blow it with a food or two, don't let the whole day derail. If you do, don't let it spoil the rest of the week. It really is just a blip in time.
2. Make a master plan of foods you or are willing to eat that are diet friendly. The more detailed this list is, it will help you see that you have variety available, keep you from getting stuck in a rut, and help you shop.
3. Change 1 thing at a time. Start with journaling, master it. Then counting calories, master it. Drink more water, master it. Then make your foods more healthy, master it. Start Excercising, master it. ETC. You can do more than one thing but don't make it too overwhelming.
4. JOURNAL. THere are good free online journals that help make it easier. It's also pretty empowering to see your numbers visually. If you see more good numbers than bad numbers, that just feels great!
5. Treat this as a lifelong health changing habit instead of the fastest way to get the scale to go down. Generally you want to see the scale going down or inches melting (if you measure inches) but it isn't your only nor should it even be your main goal.
6. Celebrate your NSV (non-scale victories). These are SOOOO important. They help you feel good about yourself and let you know there are other changes to this habit changing lifestyle. For example, if you normally pick more processed snacks, an NSV would be that you picked ready to eat sugar snap peas (fresh veggie).
7. Seek Support Often!!
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I know exactly how you feel. Im so good during the week, but then as soon as Fri rolls in my mind goes into this mode that does not even know the definition of healthy. It makes me mad that food controls me and that I am unable to control it. Two weekends ago, I went to my sis' college orientation and had a huge BINGE ATTACK during lunch and then had cheese fries from Outback for dinner before having an icecream cone from McD's. I was so mad with myself and have moved to the Whole Food Lifestyle and I have been so good so far. I just hope I dont crash.
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Some of my favorite NSV is when I DO indulge in unhealthy food such as McD's but in much smaller portions or I eliminate the fries, etc. Icecream at MCD's is not a bad treat (I think I read the stats on it somewhere on this board) especially if you eliminate the cone. Last weekend I got really hungry and was stressed because while I was grocery shopping I got a text message from DH that his family are out of jobs and broke (which means we have to help and we don't have that kind of money either). My friend was text messaging that there was a death in the family. I didn't make it out of the grocery store till midnight then had to drive an hour home (I go to one out of town because it is much cheaper (bout 100 cheaper)). I didn't think of buying something in the grocery area of that Walmart, I saw McD's. I was still proud of myself though because instead of the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese COMBO, I got a kids meal (ckn nuggets). Smaller portion, I chewed those fries, had my comfort food but didn't blow it. It wasnt my favorite choice, but I made it work. That's the kind of attitude I want for life. Aim for PROGRESS not perfection.
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I find that if I concentrate on my working out.. the eating starts to fall into place. After an hour of cardio I have NO desire to go and eat a big meal and make up all those calories I sweat off.
I also eat 5 times a day. 3 meals with snacks in between. I find this helps me cut my portion size.
Today I didnt eat my midmorning snack.. so i PIGGED out at lunch. The snacks really help keep my appetite at bay.

Hope this helps!!! Dont get Down! We all love and support ya and know that you can do it!!!
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Ahhhh yes, the dreaded weekend. What usually gets me is that healthy food cost more. Bad food is cheaper. When we eat out like when shopping and such, Ill get a combo (usually chicken strips) and split w/ my 2yearold. My week end mantra is Eat more then I should, but less then I want. (and by more, I mean more calories, not more food) Self control is the key. Something that has helped me is a more relaxed goal. Instead of 2 lbs a week, I'm trying to lose 1 a week. This has made all the difference. I don't feel like its a mad race to the finish line.

That is my biggest goal, to be able to control myself. I want this even more then weight loss.
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back at it
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I know exactly how you feel, i started so many "Diets" before the current way I eat and it always bombed after a few weeks (or less!). I agree with the others, if you make small changes a little at a time, and don't expect the weight loss to be instant, it is sooo much easier to stick with. Good luck! You can do it! Also, my weight loss goal is very similar to yours
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amen sister! i always start projects with great gusto and then fall flat on my face within a few days. no more!

the best advice (and you have gotten some great stuff here already), is to pick yourself back up straight away. make the changes small and gradual instead of completely changing everything at one time. set small goals for yourself to achieve and once you achieve one - cross it off your list and move onto the next one.

don't fall into the trap of thinking that one mistake will ruin everything.

you can do this!
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So happy to be me :)
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Default RE: WannaBSize 7

WannaBe, I just had to post because I really took your quote to heart...

That is my biggest goal, to be able to control myself. I want this even more then weight loss.

I think that that is an amazing way to look at losing weight. I have spent too many hours thinking vainly about how I would like to look thin again. That motivation is definitely still there, but now there is more to it. I think what I am actually "getting" this time around is this: That getting my body to a healthy weight and size shows discipline and control that I have lacked in the past.

If you don't mind, I would like to borrow your quote.

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