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Default Just had a baby

Hey everyone, Im kinda new here. I opened my account like a year ago but found out i was pregnant and kinda just stopped coming by, anyways, I had my baby april 11th and i think now i am ready to start losing my weight again. Im 230 pounds I cant believe it. I just really want to be able to be in shape enough to carry my kid around and play with him. I can barely lift his carseat with him in it as it is!!!!! Im not too sure on what kind of a program to use since i am still breastfeeding,any suggestions?

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I have had LOTS of babies so I have been there for sure. Good for you for thinking about this already - with my first child, I was pregnant again before I knew it and still had 15 pounds to lose (which I have still not lost)!

A few things I have learned over the years:

1. Be sure and give yourself time . . . it always takes me at least a year to lose my pregnancy weight. My last baby was born April 16, 2005 and I am finally within a couple of pounds of pre-preg weight (with that one - still have weight to lose from the others!). Of course, that could have something to do with the fact that I gain 50 pounds each time

2. You are smart to be worried about nursing - some women can really diet big time while nursing, and others notice their milk production dropping almost immediately.

3. I never lost a whole lot of weight until I stopped breastfeeding . . . maybe just me but I tend to hang on to 10 pounds or so at least while nursing.

4. You have lots of options as far as diet goes. The two major things I think are that you need to avoid ketosis (ketones are excreted in breast milk and while never proven harmful to the baby, why take the risk?) and also avoid cutting your calories drastically or your milk supply may be affected.

My personal opinion is that the best diet for nursing mothers (and mothers in general) is the South Beach Diet. My husband is an OB/GYN and he agrees - in fact he has no problem with recommending people follow it while pregnant (Phase 2-3), as he says it is very similar to the diabetic diet they put people on with gestational diabeties. He also says is basically is just healthy eating - no refined carbs, lots of veggies and lean meats, and some whole grains - and he thinks we should all eat that way anyway.

The good thing about the SBD while nursing is that you really do not cut your calories (except by cutting out the bad stuff), so you can lose weight while keeping up your milk supply.

Having said that, my sister (also an OB/GYN) just had her third child the end of May. She has started "somersizing" which she did during her second pregnancy to great success. She wanted to do something a little less "depriving" (not as healthy though I don't think!) where she could still have full fat cheese, cream, etc.

Those are the two diets I am most familar with being combined with nursing - I am sure there are lots of others!
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Wow, well, athensmom took care of the advice part of this post, so let me just say congrats on the new baby! How exciting!
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thanks guys!!! I was thinking about trying that south beach diet so maybe i will go buy that book today. Im also going to start going for walks with the baby, not long ones though, dont want to wear him out (haha)
Ive also heard that when you exercize there is something that goes in the breastmilk that makes it taste bad and the baby wont eat it, does anyone know anything about that?
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My LC told me about that... she just said to nurse right before physical activity and to shower after physical activity before nursing again and I should be fine. I think some of the sodium in sweat gets in with the breastmilk and gives it a yucky taste so some babies won't drink it. I never had a problem with it... I'd just stick with a healthy balanced diet and the walking is AWESOME. Get yourself a good jogging stroller and get moving .
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Sorry, Im not good on the advice front for this But I jsut wanted to say Congratulations on the baby
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Well, congratulations!! As you can see from my weight tracker, I was 230 lbs. when I had my baby (he'll be 3 months on monday). All I can say is : "YOU CAN DO IT!!!" I thought that I would NEVER be down past the 200s! Just get moving and eat in moderation. Which I know is hard because you've been eating pretty much whatever for the last 9 (10) months! You will also find that in the beginning you will lose some weight because you are still carrying around any water weight you've gained...or at least I did. But if you need a buddy or anybody to talk to...let me know!! We're in the same journey!!!

Good Luck!

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Congrats on the new baby!! And welcome!
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Congrats on the baby

I have no experience in this sort of thing so I asked my sister, who was dieting while nursing and her advice was to slowly start cutting calories and paying attention to your supply along the way. Your body will tell you how low you can go and still nurse.
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hey everyone thanks for the advice!
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Congrats on your little one. I had my baby a day after you.

I'm nursing and have been losing weight. I've tried keeping my calorie intake around 1800 and when successgul at doing so I lose weight each week. I have not noticed an impact to my supply and I exclusively pump so I know exactly how much I get a session. I hear a lot of great things about the weight watchers program for nursing mothers. You definitely can't go wrong with the SBD as long as you eat enough.
I've pumped right after working out and my baby has never complained about the milk so I wouldn't worry about that so much unless you experience a problem and then you know not to do it again.
Check out the pregnant/nursing section on here, the ladies are very helpful.
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Congrats on the new baby!
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You have received excellent advice so far ... I wouldn't know what to add lol. BUT ... I still want to say welcome and congrats on your little one!
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Thumbs up

I just had a baby my self may 1st and I was told this so I am passing it along. I asked similar questions and my doctor said " You are not at a healthy weight to start with so you don't need to maintain that weight to have healthy breast milk. You can start cutting your calories about 500 at a time and do exercises that are easy for you to do to start with and then bump them up. You need to eat healthy anyways to promote healthy breast milk and that will help you lose weight also breastfeeding helps too!" thats basically his advice to me. I hope it helped!
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