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Default Update (long)

Alright girls here's the scoop... (some info I've already mentioned)

Job: The great job I got didn't work out, but I got a new job the same week I quit at another training studio (the one my fiance works at actually) and I really like it, and there's no question that it's going to work out! It's less money, but I actually get paid when I am there unlike the other one. They expected me to be there 40 hours a week and only get paid for the clients I had booked, which worked out to about 5 hours a week. So on the job front things are good. Although this new job is a personal training job and not a nutritionist job, I am relieved because although I am going to school for nutrition I don't think I am ready yet to work in the field because I still have a lot to learn.

Wedding: It's only like 9 weeks away now (eeekkkk). I picked up my dress on Saturday, and to my pleasant surprise it fit (for those who didn't know I ordered a 12 although when I tried it on it didn't fit, the 14 was enormous, so I chanced it!). I absolutely love love love it!

Diet/Exercise Etc.: Ug! As some of you know I had been struggling with purging (hard to talk about). I lost about a good 6 pounds in just a few weeks by doing this and practically starving myself. Well the last few weeks I have been eating out of control and of course have gained back all the weight I lost doing things the wrong way. I know that that is the reason it came back so fast because when I took about 2 months off from mid December to the end of February (no working out and eating just as bad as the last few weeks) I only gained at most 3 pounds which came off right away because I had lost weight the right way before then. Anyway, I resolve that I am going to stop this crap starting today. I have to workout at work because I will be eligible for a raise once I finish the first 2 programs they have there, so my strength training is covered (and I get to workout on the clock), so I just have to get cardio in. I am not going to do this crap anymore, I have come to far to start treating my body badly. I am still smoking, which now is going to be the hardest thing to stop out of all the other habits I have gotten into.

Anyway, sorry this is so long, I just had to get that all off my chest. I miss being involved in the boards! It's helped me so much along my journey and I hope to be back on a lot more!
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Not too long chica...I am glad you are back on track. Glad work is going well...sounds like for the first time in a while you are doing good. I am proud of you and I know you can kick smoking and get back on track the healthy way. Welcome back .
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Great to hear your back on track! Your doing so awesome!!
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it's good to see you're doing better. i look forward to more posts from you in the future.
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here I go again...
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Glad you're back, we've missed you! I'm glad you found a job that works out better for you! Now kick those cigs to the curb!!
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very happy to read your update stephanie.

you sound like your head is in the right place and you will do great.

proud of you
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We all have a downfall at sometime throuigh our journey.
I'm glad you stepped back and realized what ou were doing wasn't right for you. You seem to be doing good now.
Glad to see you back pretty.
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Hello, I'm glad you are doing better, and thank you for sharing. I'm glad you are back!

ps. the smoking thing aint a big deal.. you can do it! I quit after ten years!-the gum helped me! but I was really ready to quit, I want to be healthy, and I just didn't sound good when I was trying to run...I sounded like an asthmatic. I've been a quitter for over a year now, and I DO NOT miss smoking a bit! YOu'll be there soon! I"m here if you need a smoking quitting buddy!
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so glad to see you back!
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It's so nice to hear that your working in a place you really enjoy!

And your going to be a beautiful bride!
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Glad to hear you're ok and lots of new things happening in your life. VERY happy to hear you're treating yourself right again! Congrats!
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