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Default Help... Anyone, someone....

There are no excuses... but could someone help??!!

I know I was a big poster before on this thread but I fell off... here is my problem... I know the solution so I think, no one said it was going to be easy... but... any input would be great!! thanks guys!

Ok this will be long so be prepared....

I started working out around mothers day this year, I was at my highest weight ever right around 218 ish . I loved it, I had a great amount of energy wasnt so lazy etc. But my downfall was the weekends, I would party and drink beer eat fast food to cure a hang over so I was counterdicting myself....
I stopped working out but still watched what I ate.
MY PROBLEM AREA IS THIS.... I work from 8 am till 6 pm monday through friday... NO BIG DEAL but I live about 45 mins away from my job, I was going to the gym in the morning at around 5 ish that was workingout great but I was getting dranied because I would get home around 6:45 ish make dinner so its like 7:30ish play with Makayla (my 14 month old) bath her and put her down at 9:30 then clean teh house, dishes,laundry vaccum. YOu know the typically mommy stuff. BUt I am sooooo tired that I crash at like 11 or 12, and trying to get up at 5 I hit snooze and not know it. Sleep through the gym. Im getting upset with myself because just last week I had people left and right telling me how good I look Im losing weight, and I wasnt lazy! My sundays and saturdays are spent playing running around cleaning, not napping.
So all in all I know what I have to do, because I want tthat feeling back. BUT how do you guys BALANCE??? What can I do not to feel so tired thta I wanna sleep right until I have to get up??? ANYONE??!! any suggestions would be soooooo very HELPFUL!!!

~THank you..... BUSY BUSY AND WORN OUT!!
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First, let me say that I think anyone who exercises, works full time, and has kids is amazing. I don't have any kids and know that working in exercise is tough enough.

What type of job do you do? Is there any downtime that you could squeeze something in?

As far as weekends go, try keeping a food log for a little while. I find that sometimes I'm too lazy to write late-night snacks down and end up skipping them. Sometimes if I'm going to have a really busy week, I'll cook up a big pot of something simple on the weekend, so I'll have a few dinners all ready.

Hang in there!
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Going all the way!!!
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Oh my gosh girl, if you get the answer pass it my way! I'm in the same situation as you as far as work and how far away it is, and since my husband is working in New Orleans I'm a single mom now to boot! Add that to the crappy time change and generally blah weather and I'm about the last active person you can imagine. Too bad we don't live near each other, we could whip each other into shape!
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What about preparing lots of food on the weekend and have it divided into servings for the week (or frozen for later?) and using that extra time to hit the gym after work?

Studies have shown that 3 10-minute bouts of cardio (I don't know as much about strength training) are as beneficial in a lot of ways as one 30 minute bout each day... so you could also try and get 10 minutes of a jog in before you head to work (can you hit snooze just -one- less time?), maybe a 10 minute walk during lunch or your break, and then another one right before dinner, while your food heats up in the microwave?

Hm? Good luck.
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Have you thought about working out at home in the mornings? That way you could get up later and still work out. There are so many excercise videos/dvds that are fun and still will leave you sweating!
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Maybe you could consider buying either some DVDs with exercise programs for workouts at home. You could also think about buying exercise equipment for home. Nothing fancy, just something that you would use. My mom bought weights and an exercise bike for herself.

Exercise doesn't have to take an hour to you could make time for short workouts at home on the weekends and during 2 or 3 mornings at home before work. It will save on the driving time and the getting dressed and ready part.
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Thanks guys for the advice! I went to the gym today on my lunch didnt get a WONDERFUL work out, but you know its a start!!

On the working out at home, I have the billy blanks DVDs (not to mention I am UNCOORNATED...sp..) but I tend to get distracted by baby, or BF, or roommates.. . ALWAYS something comes up, and Im not kidding... Its just rough but I have been doing them at home at night, at least 30 mins every night. BUt I NEED I WANT to go int he morning also, it makes the day so much better... you know??
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