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Default How often do you weigh yourself?

I saw this question in another forum and thought I'd ask it here.

I've found that since I started coming to this site I have been weighing myself everyday although my official weigh-in day is on Sunday. I'm going to stop weighing myself every day though because the fact is, your body fluctuates so much that doing it daily and it can become discouraging when you see a loss. But sometimes it has nothing to do with you but just what your body is going through at the time.

So, how often do you weigh yourself and what is your weigh in day?
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HOWEVER, in the last two weeks I've stopped weighing everyday because it's SO frustrating and upsetting to me. I've successfully managed to weigh once a week now.

I figure as long as I do what I'm supposed to do, my weight will be okay. If I'm not good everyday, that wont make me gain 5 pounds overnight.

If I can stick to once a week I think it will cut down on my stress and frustration.

It's weird because losing weight is just as difficult emotionally as gaining weight is...if not moreso.
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I weigh myself everyday because it makes me more mindful of my weight and the fact that I am on a mission to lose it. Also, it makes me more accountable and forces me to look at that scale. If I was bad the day before and the scale is up, it only drives the point home that I need to keep trying to be better. If I was good and the scale is up then I realize that I did nothing to make it go higher and logically know that this is just a fluctuation day/week/*weeks.* When I was at my heaviest I had just let the whole weight issue go and avoided the scale like the plague-- 'cause I didn't want to know just how bad it was. Now I force myself to come to terms with that number everyday and either make a decision to accept it or reject it and try harder to lose weight.
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I weigh myself every second day when I first arrive at the gym. I do it so I know what weight to put on the machines for accurate readings of calories lost, etc. *For a while, before I lost any weight, I really was expecting the machine to say, "Sorry, could you please enter a lower number or step off the machine." Hahaha.* I hate to do it that often but it keeps me so motivated and I have a practical reason to do it. My actual weight in pounds does not matter to me, it's how I look and how I feel. I do have a goal of 140 but I have a pretty small build under this all so I may wind up weighing more than my goal when I'm happy.

Does anyone else have a weird build? I have always had really tiny hips and have never creeped past a size 13 (Until this past month, to a 15, but now I'm back to the 13's) I don't think I ever looked my weight until recently either. My heaviest being 205lbs. I didn't know I looked so boyish! Haha.
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I weigh myself several times a week, sometimes multipule times throughout the day. I like to do it everyday to see where I am at. My weigh in day is Mondays, though. I read an article about weighing in everyday not to long ago. They say that it helps you maintain your weight. Even though your weight flucuates, this still is supposed to keep you from actually gaining those "5 pounds" from not exercising or eating healthy. On the other hand, my husband has been telling me that stress can lead to weight gain. I have had two great loss weeks, and this week I am not losing anything. He keeps telling me to stop stressing out about it! I am somewhat obessed with my weight loss right now!
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I weigh in 2 times per day, morning and night. I do this to see the weight flucuations.
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I weigh myself once a week. When the time comes to maintain, I'll probably weigh nearly every day.
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I will weigh myself a few times a week. I only do it in the morning when I wake up so if I don't do it then, then I won't weigh myself that day. I am definitely addicted to the scale. When I don't weigh myself I gain weight. I have learned that lesson not only once but twice and vow not to ever let myself go again without weighing myself. I am not at the point in my life where I am in control and don't have to weigh myself.
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I weigh every morning. I think it will help me to maintain once I hit my goal weight. I only record a lower weight if I have been at it for a few days straight -- my official weigh-in day is Friday though.
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I weigh myself every day that I'm at the gym. My official weigh in is on Monday.
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I weigh myself every morning, but I only record the weigh in on Friday's.
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Every. Frikkin. Day.

Once in the morning, once at night.

It consumes me!
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I weigh myself every time I'm in the gym pretty much, so more or less every week day and occasionally at weekends. First thing in the morning, before I eat or exercise.

I tend to take a low weight the first time I see it on the basis that even if I fluctuate back up I'm normally hitting it consistently within a week or so, and it's easier than working out averages. I find that weighing myself frequently has taught me about how my weight changes naturally, so I don't get depressed by it.

I do have a monthly weigh in where I use some scales that print out your height, weight and BMI, and if I'm ever getting depressed about not moving much one week I look back at those and see how it adds up over time.
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