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Default I'm STUCK in this PLATEAU HELP!!!!!

Hey there! I've totally been there.

What has gotten me through these plateaus is not only increasing exercise, but changing it up. Since I run, I decided to add a hill. Lo and behold, I FINALLY lost some weight after a month!

So, maybe changing up your exercise routine? Adding a new exercise?

OK...That's weird...I SWEAR I just posted UNDER you!

Hmm...and I can't delete it and repost it..

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This is my first post, but I have been reading all over this site. And loving it I might add!!

Anyways, I can totally relate to the plateau blues. I plateaued for about a year, and of course put back on 15 lbs out of sheer depression. So, my friend (who told me about this site) started coming back to Curves with me. Since then I have discovered just how bad I was getting at not going to workout. I went for a year alone and was getting discouraged by the lack of making any friends, even if only to chat with while going around the curcuit. I was finding all kinds of excuses not to go, which was only hurting me. Since starting Curves almost two years ago, I have lost 50 lbs and lost 48 inches.

So, I am back on track and going three times a week, NO EXCUSES! LOL. My friend has just gone back to New Jersey to visit her family and she has sworn to go to the Curves there. She originally joined Curves with me two years ago, then quit due to having no way to get there. Now she has a car so she joined again. However she is also struggling with an early plateau. Maybe now that we are being faithful to working out again this will end.

Curves does have an interesting diet that deals with plateaus. I am going to keep my three days a week up for now and then when my friend gets back, we are going to give the Curves diet a try and see if this helps the plateau blues! I am also going to start back on the Nordic Track. Since summer came, I quit doing it. Too hot in my house, no central air LOL!

I have noticed since getting serious about working out again that my clothes are getting looser, but I am still not getting on a scale! :0
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Default I'm STUCK in this PLATEAU HELP!!!!!

Hi Guys,
Today, has been really crappy for me I am still stuck in this plateau!!!!!! I've been between 240-245 for the past few months I just can't take it anymore. I'm just ready to say **** it. I increased my exercise I've been eating way more heathier than I normally do when I first started on Feb.6th. Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions???? You guys have been my support n inspiration.
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Hey CurvaceousCutie,
Did you just increase the amount of exercising only? For example, just adding 10 mins to your jog, or whatever? Maybe you should try something completely different, like if you dont normally do any weights, try that. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn. Or if you do both cardio and weights, try somethine different like an exercise class or rent a workout tape and see how you like it.
just a suggestion. changing my exercises in the past has always helped me with plateaus.

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I'm there with you hon, I have been dealing with this plateau for months and months now. I go back and forth between 170 & 175. Right now, I'm at 172 which is better than 175.

Some of the success stories that I have read on other forums is that people beating plateaus have just kept on working out and eating right, and eventually they broke through. I"ve changed my diet, and recently added weights. I will say that my body looks better than it has when I was at 175 months ago. I know my body is toner and I'm not too distraught, so this may be the case with you also.

I guess I have just really rebellious poundage on me! ARGH!!!!!
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Okay, this is going to sound really unhealthy...but just bear with me. During my years of struggles I have found that switching to a VLCD (very low calorie diet) for just a day can get you over just about any slump. I know what you're thinking..."how can that work when it no doubt slows down your metabolism???". I don't know how, I just know that it does something to jump start it. Now don't get me wrong, I still eat that day, but this is what I do. A gallon of water (just keep reminding yourself how lucky you are that you don't rely on an outhouse), lots of various low-glycemic vegetables, spelt or sprouted bread (yeah...I know, eww! But it's just for a day). Basically the idea is to keep the foods whole (as close to nature as possible), keep the protein up (in the form of whey protein powder, healthy non-breaded fish, and flax seed based products), eat lots of veggies, eat some low-glycemic fruit, avoid fat and processed crap as much as possible, take your vitamins and essential fatty acids, and drink only water and green tea. A sure cure for a stall...kinda gives your body all the nutrients it's been craving while simultaneously giving it a break from all the stuff it doesn't need. Good luck!

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