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Default Slim fast?

Just wondering if anyone has had success with slimfast. I love the shakes. I pair them fruit and veggies and then usually a decent supper. But I haven't made myself very strict with it yet.

I was on Weight Watchers online and lost weight once, so I came back. Well it's not working this time around. I don't know why. I'm not gaining, but I'm definitely not losing either.

I need to lose about 44 pounds. Also what about

What are your opinions on WW and SF?
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I have never known anyone that has lost weight on Slim Fast & kept it off. I have never tried it personally though. I have purchased some of their bars and what-not because they are yummy, but other than that...not sure what to tell you.

I have never tried WW either but everyone I know who has (6 women) have been very successful with it and really enjoy it.
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I lost weight with slim-fast a couple years ago (30 lbs), and only managed to keep it off for a year because I got really sick for months and had to eat basically nothing but bread and green beans for weeks. I ended up with really bad heartburn and acid indigestion, and I'm still not sure if I had an ulcer or not, in addition to having some problems with my liver being enlarged (problems went away before the doctors managed to diagnose it), but I have no idea if that is related or not.

I used slim-fast again to jump-start my diet this time around, but I stopped after a couple months because I was starting to have symptoms similar to the last time when I had gotten really sick (i.e. heartburn).

I don't think Slim-Fast itself is necessarily what made me get sick, so much as a very restrictive diet. If you are going to use slim-fast, make sure you eat enough the rest of the day to keep your calories over 1200. I think that my stomach problems were caused by eating 1000 calories (give or take) per day more so than slim-fast, but I wouldn't rule out slim-fast as being a cause, since I was pretty careful the second time around and still started to get heartburn.

Anyway, I think it's okay to jump start your diet with slim-fast, but I wouldn't recommend it in the long run (longer than a couple months). If you are following the slim-fast plan exactly, you shouldn't be losing any more than 2 lbs/week after the first week. The biggest problem with slim-fast is that using it will make you lose weight, but it will not teach you how to eat healthy in the long run, so people usually put the weight right back on after they stop using it. I think the biggest benefit it provides is helping you get a handle on portion control. After using slim-fast for a while, it will take less food to fill up your stomach, which makes it easier to control how much you eat after you stop using it.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on and on. Be careful with slim-fast, or any other chemical diet product.
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I've tried weight watchers and slim fast both, and i prefer weight watchers. With slim fast i was always hungry. With weight watchers i eat alot and it's easy to keep track of what i eat without adding numbers up into the thousands. I've been doing WW consistently for about three months now and i've lost 33lbs so far, so i'm very happy with it. For me it's all about the convenience and ease of it, i can still eat pretty much everything i've always eaten, i'm just finding ways to make those meals healthier so that i can stretch my points out across the day. And i still allow myself treats. Just instead of having three cookies, i'll have one and a glass of milk. Also, it seems to me that in the long run ww will be more of a benefit than slimfast. Part of the process of ww is learning to identify healthy food choices and eating accordingly, you don't learn this same skill using slim fast, so it's easier to backslide. Anyway, that's my two cents.
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Thanks a lot! I'm really liking WW so I think I'll stick to it. That way I can have slim fast products whenever I want (within my points) and I can eat regularly when I want. That's why I like WW the best....because of the flexibility.

thanks again!
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I use the shakes a couple of times a week, because given the options for a really fast meal that's the best choice. I've really internalized the idea that when dieting, you should be prepared to do whatever you do for the rest of your life, and I refuse to live on slim fast shakes for the rest of my life. I think that the way you're doing it makes sense - it's exactly what I'm doing too. I'm fine with buying a box of shakes every week or two, because like you I like the way they taste and it really is convenient when I don't have time for something else. I don't know anyone who has followed the "slim fast plan" and kept the weight off long-term though.
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I stay away from the shakes, they have a bit too much sugar for me...I make protein shakes sometimes and replace breakfast with them. As for was too high maintainance for me and I totally agree with grey eyed girls point...whatever your plan(ww, sf, sb, or just plain old eating right and working out) is you need to make it a life change.
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