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Question Q. About Boyfriends/husbands....

Does anyone's boyfriend/ husband eat whatever they want whenever they want and be perfectly ok with it? I mean Mike my boyfriend is in decent shape, hockey player and has the fastest metabolism that I have ever seen. But we are always go go go so he eats a lot of junk! and I eat healthy. ESP when we are eating out. Now even that we are cooking he eats A TON! and he only eats once or twice a day. Which you know right there is a no no. He supports me and offers not to eat in front of me, but thats not what hurts me. I have the will power to say no and watch my portions etc. Its the JEALOUSLY!! I hate him! LOL I wanna be able to eat like that! and his mom ios a cooker. I mean HUGE MEALS, so he is use to that. A ton of fattening meals.
Just curious to see if anyone else is in my situation!??
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my boyfriend has a decent body -- small belly but otherwise good shape (like 5'10, 180 lbs). he does biking and tennis but isn't like hardcore about it. he eats everything. we'll make 4 pork chops, i'll eat 1, he eats 3. We order a pizza, I have a slice, he has seven. the peanut butter jar is gone in a week (he just eats it with a spoon or sometimes dunks chocolate in it). the worst thing that he eats practically nothing all day and then just eats whatever at night. he has the worst eating habits i've ever seen. he also doesnt really comprehend that we are different sizes and shouldnt eat the same food, but is otherwise supportive of me. but wow, the metabolism! i do tell him to be careful though or he will have high BP and/or cholesterol.
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Eating for two!
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Jeff DEFINITELY overeats. When we go out, we'll sometimes spilt an appetizer plus he'll still eat his whole meal, and then have dessert when we get home. I almost always leave something on my plate at restaurants--they give you so much food! I also know he eats lunch out almost every single day when he's at work, plus he is in purchasing, so he is always getting to go to tradeshows with free food and stuff, and he eats it all up! And yet, he hasn't gained any weight in the year and 3 months we've been together, and I certainly wouldn't call him fat (not exactly stick-thin, but not even close to fat). If I ate like him, I'm sure I'd weigh at least 350 by now!

Of course, studies have proven that it is easier for men to lose weight than for women. For starters, they naturally have more muscle than women, which helps to increase their metabolism. Also, women tend to have more fat stores simply because we could end up having to support 2 lives at any given time by becoming pregnant (a worry these lucky men never have). How naturally unfair...
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It is so frustrating!! My kind-of boyfriend (it's complicated ) fluctuates between being a healthy eater and being the typical I-eat-whatever-I-want guy. Unfortunately, whenever I'm around he is the latter and so all he wants to do is go to our favorite restaraunts (greasy burger places, chinese buffets...etc) and then have ice cream!

I think he is in pretty good shape, but he never works out and he usually eats two big meals a day.
Even worse though.. one of my roommates (male) and one of my other roommates' boyfriend are always bringing junk food into the house. They are both average guys but they eat ice cream, pizza, chips and everything else that makes me gain 15lbs walking by it. They don't really seem to care that all the girls are overweight and trying to get fit. They support us going to the gym, but when it comes to food they are fat pushers.
I'm actually trying to avoid the sabotage right now! There is a german chocolate cake tempting me in the kitchen.
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my fiance's always been a lot healthier than me in general...he comes from a really trim and athletic family so he eats pretty much whatever he wants whenever he wants (yeah his portion sizes are CRAZY sometimes) but his choices are rarely ever junk food (he would choose a salmon dinner over a hamburger and fries any day)- basically he doesnt have food issues like I do.

He's always been athletic (biking, playing basketball, weightlifting, infantry in the Marine Corps) but since he blew out his knee in the Marines he can't really work out so he watches what he eats more closely (he's 5'11 and 165ish pounds.) BUT he does have the REALLY unhealthy habit of not eating anything all day and then having a big dinner- which if I did that I would put on weight in a heartbeat

***edit edit I should add though that since I've met him I've gained 30+ pounds, Im not saying that's his fault just that when I ate like didnt work out so well for me ***

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Default I feel your pain

My husband is about 6 ft and only weighs like 140. He's not very athletic and is mostly just tall and slim. And yes, he eats whatever he wants. On a trip where we're both eating out every meal for a week absolutely nothing happens to him and I'll gain at least 5 lbs. He actually can't gain weight if he wants to. He just has a super-fast metabolism! Which means instead of the unhealthy one or two meals a day he's always eating. He eats every couple of hours when possible, or he starts feeling sick. He actually tries to eat healthily because he feels better when he does, but that just means whole wheats when possible, attempting fruits and veggies, and not eating a ton of sugar (other than ice cream, of course). It's so frustrating. It's hard to know how to cook for us (I've only been married a month) because if I cook it how it's healthy for me, I think he's actually lost some weight. And when he cooks it's worse for me because he makes everything full-fat and I still eat it because it looks good and because he made it... (and it definitely tastes good). I try to just watch my portion sizes and let him eat 3/4 of all the unhealthy stuff, but it's still frustrating! Any ideas?

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I can't really speak out on boyfriends/husbands just yet, but MY BROTHER, oh my god - he's always been athletic though, so I know that helps him alot. But the one thing that bugged me was about 2 years ago when he started really getting into weight lifting and bulking up. Man, he could eat more than a horse, I swear. He'd go workout then go to Taco Bell and get a chicken quesadilla, 2 beef supreme gorditas, and a mexican pizza. His weight remained the same, but his muscles got really huge. Now that he's been at it awhile, his weight is still around the same 180-190, you would think he's thinner than that by looking at him, but it's all the darn muscles he has now. God if I were to eat what he eats, I'd be all back at 315 again. I eat like a rabbit and get on the scale and it's 2 pounds heavier somedays...go figure.
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Im glad Im not hte only one out there!! Damn MeN! Just another thing to make us hate you more and more! j/k
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My fiance was SERIOUSLY skinny for ages, he has some odd hang-ups! But hey, I soon straightened him out and fattened him up! He can eat whatever he likes but he has a thing, which I've noticed, he never eats if he's not hungry. But he eats loads of junk! Like those canned puddings that have about 900 calories (I'm not kidding 900! ) and he'll eat a whole packet of cherry bakewell cakes in a day! What a man! But he's a veggie, so I guess he doesn't get many calories from his meals, but he does eat loads of cheese... hmmmmm!
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I hate men sometimes...its not fair! My boyfriend can keep on eating the fried chicken and pizza and coke and it wouldn't matter...he stays at 205(he's 6'4''). I look at a pizza crust and gain 30lbs!
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I agree, thats Mike. He eats a plate full of rice, a HUGE steak a baked potato. 2 pops and a HUge bowl of ice cream. Its crazy and he's 5'5 160 IF THAT. he's got a butt on him though.. Also a lil beer gut, but not bad!
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This is really interesting, I think guys have a much faster metabolism than us because of all the muscle . . .

My bf is about 6'1" and about 200lbs, but he swings around between 190 and 210 or so, and he's pretty muscular (though he does have a teeny bit of a belly, it's cute though!). OMG, that man can EAT. I don't know how he packs that much stuff into his stomach! I tell him that his belly sticks out a little not because he has extra fat, but because in order to fit all the food in, that gigantic stomach is so big it pushes the walls of his abdomen out! He's like a black hole.

He does try to eat healthy though, because he has had weight issues growing up just like me, and he works out with me three times a week. OTOH, he has zero self-control when it comes to portion sizes -- if there is a box of Oreos, he will eat the entire box in one sitting, then have a tummy ache later! Any sort of cookies disappear instantly when he's around. I try to ration out my treats, like "okay, I can have one cookie today" but I end up eating way more than that because I think "Wait, if I don't eat these ten cookies today, he will eat them!"

When we go out to eat, he cleans his plate and then eats whatever is left on mine most of the time -- unless it's a really huge-portioned place, like Cheesecake Factory (where he will only eat half the food on his plate, and I only eat 1/4!). And he eats constantly from the moment he gets home -- a slice of bread, a glass of milk, another piece of toast, an apple, a piece of cheese, some ice cream (he is demolishing my Skinny Cow ice cream bars!), etc.

So, while he is a bad influence on me if there is anything unhealthy in the house (if there is a cake, he will have a slice, and I can't just sit there and watch him eat it without having some too!), he is also a good influence on me because he enforces our rule of eating out only once a week and makes sure we only buy healthy stuff at the grocery. Also, he is the one who shoves me out of bed in the morning and gets me to the gym, and he is my workout buddy!

Megan, my bf is just like yours -- we order pizza, I will have two slices and he will eat the entire rest of the pizza!
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my fiance eats like a fat kid. Cheeseburgers (only cheese and ketchup!), pepperoni or canadian bacon pizza, hotdogs, corndogs, gummi fruit snacks, cheetos, and thats about it. And he will STUFF his face...I used to do it with him, wed both put down a LOT of food...enough for a family of 5 every night between the both of its kind of funny to watch him eat so much, my appetite is wayyy lower now and I can't see myself ever eating so much again...He doesn't give a **** about what he eats, food is purely for pleasure for him. In a way I'm glad he doesn't care, because I don't want him to be sad or upset about it, but in a way I DO want him to care because I want him to take better care of himself...he doesn't know any of his family (never met dad, mom was adopted) so he has no clue what his family medical history is like...I am just so worried he is setting himself up for heart disease or diabetes...his sister is hypoclycemic...I don't know how to make him change, he is soooo picky!
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i don't have fast metabolism but when i'm training hard like now i eat and eat and eat at the moment i'm on 3200 calories a day and sometimes more. i'm ok with most stuff pizza curry but anything fried will pile the weight on if its not fried i can anything all day and not gain on ounce.
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Craig is very similar. He can pretty much eat whatever and doesn't gain. He has more recently, with just a small belly, but other than that, he's in fairly good shape (5'11 200 lbs). He has gained too since we've met, but no where close to what I have, and he's still in decent shape.

He only eats once or twice a day, and will eat PB (ONLY jiff ) from the jar by the spoonfuls too, and will just sit there with the jar, and dip things in it lol

When he was lifting weights and was more active (mt biking, basketball etc) years ago, he could eat a whole large pizza, and then go to BK and eat a couple of whoppers and fries and STILL be hungry. He still has most of his muscles from back then so I think that has a lot to do with it.

And what sucks, he lost like 10 lbs recently like it was nothing! It sucks how he can just loose so quickly like that.

He's been so supportive of me, and has definitely tried to stop buying so much junk food (he's self conscious of his little belly, and its NOT bad at all!).

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