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Devilish Little Thing
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Height: 5ft5


I am doing WW online to track points but I am also just making sure that I cut back portions and add more whole grains, veggies and lean meats to my diet. Mostly common sense but I like having WW online and the points to kind of guide me along and/or give me tips/ideas. The one thing that I am really lacking (and desperately need!) is the motivation to get my behind moving and do some exercising. I know the weight would drop off so much faster and I would look so much better if I did! That is for sure the next thing that I will tackle
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I'm doing ww - the at-work program .. and I have the etools for online point tracking...
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I count calories and play sports three evenings a week. I try to stay under 2500 calories, which for me means that when I'm being good I eat 2500-2700, when I'm not focusing, 3000-3200, and when I'm bad it's 3500+. Needless to say, my weightloss has been slow.

Re: Supersize Me. The day after I saw that movie, I was travelling by bus and we stopped at a rest stop. I bought a fast-food burger and opened it up to put some ketchup on it. When I saw it I realized I couldn't eat it and just threw it out and ate a protein bar instead.
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Hi, I'm doiong WW, I ussually post on those threads but I was like hey I'm 20 somthing let me look at that group.
Anyway, I've been at WW for a while but I've been letting my self slip and cheat and not journal my food. I have made a commitment to my self to make sure I journal every day even if I do mess up. I tend to do a downward spiral once I have one bad day but i'm going to try as hard as I can to not let that happen.
I also try and work out as much as possible. Unlike mos tpeople, I love to excersise, nothing else makes me feel so good. I do the ellyptical or treadmill at the gym, now that it is nice, I might jog outside. I do some light weights, I've never really gotten way into the weight thing but I at least do somem pushups. I also try and do pillates at home a few times a week. this is a new addition so I hope I stick to it.
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Huh you all sound so much structured then me! Generally I follow a lower fat diet, high fiber diet. I try and keep an eye on my portions/calories, but I don't count or measure anything just make sure that I stop eating when full. I have a tendancy toward pastas and breads so I don't avoid them but try to be consious about getting fruits and vegtables into my meals and snacks.

I mostly drink water and iced tea during the day. Although this isn't really hard for me because I don't care for most sodas. I usually have a glass of wine every night. I consider that my splurge.

I am blessed with a high metabolism so as long as I maintain some sort of excercise 2-3 times per week I do pretty good.

Its really interesting to hear what everyone is doing and I have heard some great idea!

My dh and I watched SuperSize Me together. He hasn't been to McD's since. This really ended up cutting the amount of fast food we eat. For the most part we get salads now when we go to fast food restaraunts. However, I still crave french fries and break down once every month or two and get some. I thought the show was really intersting and it definitely turned us off to fast food. But I also think it was biased because of the amount of food the guy was eating (Double Quarter Pounder Supersized with a milkshake. No wonder your getting sick!) plus the guy went from hardly ever eating fast food (b/c his girl friend is vegan) to eating 3+ meals a day. So it was a total shock to the system.

The lesson of the day is definitely eat fast food in moderation.

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Height: 4"11'


I was originally trying to do the Insulin Resistance Diet (it's a book). The program involves combining a carb with a protein in certain combinations. 15 grams carbs to 7 grams protein or 30 grams carbs to 14 grams protein. NOw i find myself eating a lot more protein, and a lot less carbs.
For breakfast i have some protein - cottage cheese, an egg, a yogurt. Sometimes i have a carb with it, fruit with the cottage cheese, toast with the egg, granola with the yogurt.
For lunch i've been having big salads with chick peas, hummus,veggies, turkey
Snacks are pollyo string cheese and soy nuts
Dinner is the hardest meal, sometimes a lean pocket, sometimes grilled chicken, sometimes turkey burgers without the bun.
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Newfie Extraordinaire
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Height: 5'11"


I'm just watching what I'm eating.. Using to track rough estimates calorie-wise.

Plus, I'm drinking more water and taking Flaxseed Oil capsules, which my doctor has recommended for boosting my metabolism.

I'm also making a lot of effort to exercise every day!
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one of my goals!
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Height: 5'7"


I am on the "am I going to regret eating that tomorrow??" diet and the "I need to get my butt to the gym excersie plan". I don't have any foods that I can't eat, because that would just make me freak out and crave them like crazy! I just try to stay with whole, natural foods, and cook with a lot of lower fat substitutes. I also watched Supersize Me! and I have to tell you that I haven't eaten fast food since.
Another thing I have done is make and take my food to school, and at dinner fill half my plate up with salad and then on the other half I put the rest of what I made for everyone else.
It works, not super fast, but super steady - and for me thats a lot better.
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Im really just putting a few more restrictions on my life. I only drink water at work, no eating junk or drinking soda just because Im bored. If I need pizza I invite people over and share so I only end up eating one or two pieces. If I go out to eat I try never to finish what's on my plate- really the hardest thing for me has been portion control.

I dont keep a journal or a calorie log unless Im plateauing or really Im not on any type of diet, just making eating a "concious decision" (all this advice comes from Dr. Shapiro's picture perfect weightloss- his "plan" is really just about knowing you're in control of your food. I can eat M&Ms if I want to just as long as I plan the rest of my day accordingly, and know five M&Ms arent going to ruin my life or new lifestyle... etc- it sounds really obvious but his philosophies are really working for me.)
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One Smart Cookie
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I am trying out the South Beach far, it seems really easy and healthy, something to really commit too...we'll see how the first week goes on Thursday when I weigh myself...
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Workin' it!!
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I've been posting in the South Beach Diet group, but I thought I would check out some other areas of the board as well, since it seems that everyone on here has something to share and I've gotten some awesome advice thus far!

I'm doing (obviously) the South Beach Diet. It's working great - the only thing I'm struggling with are getting in all the veggies I should. Otherwise, my bad carb cravings are pretty much gone - unless it's right in front of my face. Even then I'm still able to resist, but it's just harder.

I'm loving the loss I've seen so far - I'm hovering between 2 and 3 dress sizes lost (depends on the cut and fit of the piece of clothing). I've gone from a 24W down to a 20W or even a good cut 18W. Once I hit the 16 range, I'm really going to start loving it because then I can shop "on the other side of the store"!!
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the faux to be famous
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Height: 5'8"


I thought I would bump this up near the top to see if anyone else wants to share what 'plan' they're on at the moment.

I can safely say that I've tried a lot of plans, and am still trying to find one that I like, and fits into my lifestyle. I've tried both weight watchers online and meetings (they really need to make classes for the under 30 crowd...never felt comfortable going to those things) and I am currently reading both the Dr. Phil book (not a huge fan of his, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to at least read it) and the Atkins Book. I must say that this Atkins program seems pretty appealing, seeing as I eat pasta at least once a day that could potentially be a problem. Anyways, I digress.

What kind of program are you on? How do you find it working for you? Hope you all had a great weekend!
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