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Default Too fat for disneyland?

Am I too fat for disneyland? I am 5'7" roughly 260 lbs. My measurements are 46-39-51. For reference, I never have trouble fitting into booths or chairs at restaurants, I can always buckle my seatbelt in a car, as well as in a plane seat. Could you tell me what rides I should stay away from in both disneyland and California adventures as well as what rides are okay for me?
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This is not a test.
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Does the website not have any information on it? I found this, I dont know if it is helpful
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I went to Disneyworld with a friend a few years ago. He was around 5'11" and at least 300 lb. at the time. He didn't have problems fitting in most of the rides.
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You'll be fine! HAVE FUN! Don't worry!
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I completely sympathize with your worrying - - It was a huge shock for me when we went to 6 flags and I was too, um, wide, for a few of the restraints on the rides. Mortifying.

Disney I was fine with - Hubby and I went for our Honeymoon a few years back. I was pretty much the same size (give or take a few pounds) that I was when I didn't fit at 6 Flags.
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My bff is 5'10 and ~325 and he does just fine on 95% of the rides (there aren't any he plain can't fit, but a few are uncomfortable), so you should be good!
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I've never been to Disneyland but based on my knowledge of theme parks I would say you wouldn't not fit on the rides but you possibly would find it uncomfortable if they were the kind that spin you in the air so you get pressed against the seat? I am saying that because when I weighed 192lbs then I found those rides uncomfortable.

Also (this is your own choice) but I used to be mindful about if the rides advised the larger person should sit on a certain side of the carriage (the ones that press the passengers against the side of the carriage because they tilt from side to side or spin you round on a tilt). People riding next to me would have got a bit squashed if I hadn't sat on the correct side!

Everyone else in the thread is right though-have fun and don't worry too much! Weight doesn't come off overnight and you can't let it ruin your life until you lose it! Live now!

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