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Default Trouble Losing the Regain

Hi All,

It's been over a year since I was last on the boards. Just over 2 years ago I lost 15kg from calorie counting and the C25K. Like so many others, after losing 15kg, I experienced a massive plateau but successfully maintained my weight loss for a year (a year which included a trip to the US and managed to not gain at all).

A year ago I went on the pill and gained 8kg over 2 months. I have since been off the pill for 8 months now, and have only managed to lose 3kg in all the time. I had a real tough time on the pill. For months afterwards I have bouts of depression and anxiety attacks (one of which I actually passed out from).

I am really struggling mentally with losing this weight again. My self esteem is lower than it was 10kg ago. I have horrible anxiety and stress from the disappointment of not fitting into my summer clothes (I live in Australia, so it's spring/summer here), not looking nice in photos and just not feeling good.

To add to this, I'm in the last few weeks of university. I'm a completing an honours thesis, in addition to job interviews and a full university course load. I'm frustrated that I've spent all year saving money for a trip to Europe (which I am leaving for in 6 weeks) and that I can't bare to face the disappointment of being fat in all of those photos), and I have a stress fracture in my leg which is not healing.

So, I guess my question to all of you is, how do you get yourself back into the mindset without falling into the deprivation and binge cycle?

Thanks for the support
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First of all :HUGS: It's okay. You're not alone in going through the disappointment of regains, it happens and it's part of the journey. I maintained a normal weight for over a year and in the past few months have managed to steadily gain over 20 lbs, with my eyes wide open. Now it's squeaky bum time because I gave away my old clothes, so it's either I do something about it or go naked.

I know it's disappointing and depressing and upsetting, to have to go over these pounds you've already lost once again. But I think the first step is accepting that it is what it is. It's in the past, the weight is gained and there's no magical step you can do to blink that away. The past is over and you can't change that but you can affect the future. I know it's hard to get started, believe me, I've tried to get started for an uncountable number of days in the past few months. I tried to re-start when it was only a 5-lb regain and then when it was only 10-lbs and so on and so on. All those attempts to restart failed, however you don't get to give up unless you want to stay as you are or gain even more, you keep trying.

Now as to the question of how to get started up again. After doing the mental work of forgiving yourself and accepting the current situation, make a plan. Something you can stick to for a given period. In the 100-lb Club section, there's a thread for regainers relosing weight and I'm doing a month-long 5:2 challenge with someone. We started yesterday and it's part experiment to try out the WOE and part kick in the pants to kick our butts back on track. You may decide on another plan. Following some set plan might be one way to prevent that binge-restrict cycle. It may not be a plan you intend to follow forever, just one to help you find your feet and give you a kick in the pants. Also, find a partner, I'll do a challenge with you if you want, and set a short-term challenge to give you a kick in the pants. Just set some goal and be accountable to someone. It may be weightloss-related or sticking to a specific number of calories-related or getting a workout in-related, anything. I lost a lot of discipline in my maintenance year compared to when I was actively losing weight so for me, I have to relearn a lot about being disciplined about what goes in my mouth.

Most of all be kind to yourself. Ultimately, it's just weight. You've taken it off before and even though it might have been hard, let that give you confidence that you can take it off again once you're in the right headspace. Be positive. If anxiety or depression are really getting in the way of being in a good headspace, it may be worth it to talk to someone. I'm only one day on-plan and I already feel more positive about everything. Take it one day at a time. If you start now, by mid-summer, I'm sure you'll have made considerable headway. Don't let yourself get stuck in your head. Make a plan, set a challenge and go for it. But ultimately, be kind to yourself. There will be lots of other summers and lots of other trips to Europe, don't be hard on yourself because things are what they are this year.
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