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Default Saving smaller clothes...

I just went through 3 huge boxes of clothes and have 2 left for Goodwill. I did, however, save some jeans of various sizes that I haven't fit in for YEARS. I just want to fit back into them again! I'm not the only one who does this, right? Is it healthy to keep clothes that you can't even put a leg through the waist around?
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I think most people save something. For me I have some sentimental favorites that are linked to special events or times that I keep. I also had a lot of smaller stuff that I kept 'just in case' though I have had to give them away anyhow - I've shrunk past them as well!

Don't keep anything that is going to be below your target though.

What I am suprised by is the speed with which I will throw out anything that is too big in comparison to how long I will hang on to something that is 'a bit tight'.
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It's totally up to you what you keep but i say go for it! I couldn't get my leg into pants and capris at Christmas, and now they zip up! Don't sell yourself short- if you are truly ready to make positive changes for yourself (which it sounds like you are!) then you can achieve incredible things Go for it!
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I save an old pair of suit pants that are from a higher weight. I remember trying to wear them at my high weight and not being able to because they were literally like sausage casings on my butt and thighs and I had to suck in as far as I could to button them. I was crushed because they were my favorite dress pants.

Now I can't wear them... because they're too big and literally fall off me. If I'm ever feeling 'meh' about my progress, I'll go try them on and be amazed... because I remember high weight me thinking how tiny they must be.

I also buy ahead 1 pair of my favorite brand of jeans a size down on eBay. It gives me a tangible way to see progress, and once they fit it's my gift to myself to have a brand new pair of comfortable jeans! It also helps me realize when I've dropped a size, because I'm notorious for not realizing just how baggy my pants are getting. But when I try on a lower size and it actually fits, that quickly shifts perspective.
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Leveling Up
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I kept clothes from middle school that I couldn't even fit into. I don't know why, really.

They actually came in handy two years ago when I was in the middle of losing weight. I was able to fit into a bunch of my old shorts at the end of the summer and didn't need to buy new clothes until the following summer.

I keep around a few items from my highest weight to remind myself of where I've come from.
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Unless it's an expensive item of clothing, I give away anything that doesn't fit. I kind of wish that I had kept some of my smaller stuff when I was at my highest weight though, because then I'd have more to wear now!
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I always keep stuff if I love them and wanna wear them one day. And it feels so NICE when that day comes (albeit seldom). I even buy things that are smaller in the hope of fitting into them. And though it took me 3 years to finally fit into the clothes I'd bought (and I've gained since that wonderful phase too), it felt really good wearing them. And what I felt then is what I'd like to feel again so I'm re-starting my weight loss I say keep them! but only if you really really like them.
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I keep things that I want to fit in again. I find it motivating!

I'm also toying with the idea of buying my dream dress in my goal size and trying it on every month until I fit into it!!
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I have clothes in my closet that haven't fit me for over a year, especially jeans. I should be able to fit into most of them within the next month or two though.
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I kept some boxes of clothing after I'd gained weight. All of those clothes either fit right now or are too big. Saved me hundreds of dollars in clothing.
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Since finances are tight in my household, I plan on using a service like Free cycle to trade clothes with others with as I lose weight.Although there is a certain gypsy skirt awaiting me once I reach my goal weight I plan on going used with all of my clothing to come(except intimate apparel that is).
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I've never been thin in my adult life so I actually don't have any old clothes TO save. But I did buy a dress that was a size 10 (UK) that I ADORED so I'm hoping to fit into it one day. It's pretty normal!

I would say it's unhealthy if you went out and bought clothes too small for you regularly instead of buying clothes for the weight you're at now. Me? I'm the opposite. I have a bad habit of buying clothes too big because my mind tells me I'm bigger than I am!
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Oh totally common.
I have jeans in sizes 8-16. I refuse to throw out any of the too-small ones, because I know they'll start fitting on my journey back down.

In my mind, throwing out too-small clothes that you would still wear if they fit... is pretty defeatist. You're here, you're working hard, you're determined and motivated to lose weight, and you will. So why should you chuck em!?
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Years ago I would always keep my too-small clothes as motivation. Then I gave up on myself and all those small clothes did nothing but made me feel like a failure, so I got rid of everything that didn't fit. Now I'm regretting it, because I could use them now!

So I think it's healthier to keep too-small clothes with the intention of fitting back into them someday than to get rid of everything because you think you couldn't possibly lose the weight.

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Smaller size clothes that I love? Sure, I keep them. Smaller size clothes that on the way up were bought out of desperation and pain (I was too big for everything I owned, etc)? Nah.
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