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Default Back fat

Everything so far has gotten smaller...EXCEPT my back fat. In fact that is if anything much more pronounced because my belly is smaller. I have back boobs, at least a B cup, that stick out under my bra and you can totally see through my clothes and I just don't know what I can do to get rid of them. What machines at the gym will work that off? Why can't you choose where you lose it. My back, belly and boobs...that's where I want to lose it, I've shrunk 3 pant sizes but my belly still sticks out past my boobs lol.
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I can't help laughing because it just sounds so damned funny

But I know it's not funny you see I'm subject to the dreaded back fat as well and I hate it my arms and backdated are my two worst enemies ill never take a side pic for that reason

I look great from the front and then I've got this turtle shell shaped backdated lmfao idk what to do but make fun of myself for it but in sure with more weight loss and exercise it will have to go

Don't dispare your not alone !!
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You definitely aren't alone. Even when I was 7 pounds away from the normal BMI range I still had back fat. I'm around your height too.
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Yes my bras don't fit right anymore. The back fat makes the bra move around ... I am going to just guess that it will come off as you lose more weight. I have these weird patches around my body ... some areas of my body are 120 lbs -- that includes my lower legs... lower arms... chest... but I am 180 in the back... in the stomach in the upper legs and slightly in the arms. These are like where the last groupings of fat are. It is frustrating.
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While you cannot spot reduce, I would start working the muscles in your back to gain definition there (if you are not already).

Machines are any pulldown (lat pulldown, fixed pulldown, front pulldown), rows, and pullups. If you have a pec fly/rear delt machine, I would do that, too. You can also do a lot of row movements using freeweights.
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if all my back fat went to my boobs i would have to wear a bra three sizes bigger. but no, back boobs it is. no matter how many exercises i try it's still there.

^^coachandrea i've been trying some exercises with freeweights-2 pounds ones- and i feel like only muscles around my upper arms and shoulders are getting buffed. could you name some exercises that would isolate the muscles on lower back and the part where the bra is?
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Unfortunately, we lose weight from certain areas more quickly/easily than from others. I am fairly certain I will never fully get rid of my back fat, love handles, and saddle bags... everywhere else has slimmed down, but those areas look the same as when I was 15-20 lbs heavier.
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Glad to know I'm not alone lol. Andrea, thanks! I do have some of those on my routine but I will add on some more freeweights! I'm so happy with everything if only I can get rid of the darn back boobs!
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I know! I never really thought of back fat before until we were driving down a very rocky dirt road and it was hitting me. lol
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In the last month I've lost 3.5 inches off my bust area, but my books haven't gotten smaller, it's the loss of back fat. Who do I have to thank for this? Jillian Michaels and the 30 Day Shred. Push Ups, plank jacks, oblique twists, etc. make a huge difference
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