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Default The last of the "lasts"

Hi everyone! I have been MIA for a while now and just wanted to say IM BAAAAACK! Haven't gained any weight thankfully, but just wanted to say


I mean it. I'm done. In June I'm moving back to America to go back to school, so I have 6 months to lose the last 25 pounds. This is really my last hoorah for a while. I've been losing weight since I was 16. 8 years!!!! Not saying I haven't done a good job because I have come a long way *brushes shoulders off* but I'm ready!

Anyone else with me?

Anyone else think that way? "This will be the last time I X"?

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well, we always think that, don't we? lol.

but actually, i am thinking that too now. because i am more focused with being healthy and doing this slowly, than just getting the weight to come off as fast as possible.

anyhoo, welcome back, and good luck!
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Totally with you, this time is for keeps!
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Oh gosh I started when I was 16 too! Went from an 18/20 to a 12/14 over 5-7 years or so. So sllooooowwwww! When I was 23 I kicked it into high gear and started losing faster. I hit my goal last year.

Good luck!
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That's when I started dieting too. I think of my journey not as a series of starts and stops but a continuous long and winding road. Eventually, it will end somewhere.
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Like OP and sontaikle, I've been trying to do this for while. If I'm honest, it's been on my radar since I was in elementary school. While I have had varying levels of success, including getting all the way up to 226, hitting an eating disorder along the way, and hating my body even at a very lean body fat percentage, I think, like many of you, I've accepted that this is going to take a long time and even if I'm never "thin," it'll be enough to be in a healthy bmi and know that I've finally gotten over the overweight thing.

I think a big enemy of those who have been overweight for some time is not taking things one step at a time. I know I'm always anxious for results and if I don't see them, I usually just give up. I think a good thing for myself, and I'm sure others, to keep in mind is that our habits and bodies weren't formed overnight. Years of bad eating or lack of exercise cannot be overcome in a 5 day cleanse. Our bodies don't work that way. I'm trying to rethink the way I view foods and, hopefully (no, it will), the weight will come off in its own time and will likely stay off for good.

Sorry if I derailed the thread. I know we can do this; we just have to stick with it.
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