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Default Too Late?!?!

Hello To Everyone Out There!

This is my first post and I am really excited to be part of a community where everyone is so helpful and supportive! Especially now that I am on my way in my weight loss journey and already having a mini-meltdown.

I had already lost 50lbs once before (in my early 20's) but then gained it all back and them some... At my heaviest I was 229lbs, but I seriously started to lose weigh just a few weeks ago (July 1st) and already seeing some great results! But now that I'm in my late"r" twenties (27) and I am seriously begining to worry about how bady I had already messed up by getting to this size in the first place!

I worry about stretch marks, loose skin, nuber of fat cells, insulin rejection, other health risks... It never ends! And I worry that even when I do reach my goal weight, will it be a clean slate or had I already done serious damage?
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You're only 2 inches shorter than I and about the same SW as stretch marks are already fading and I don't have loose skin. Of course, age/lifestyle/genetics comes into play and it's different for everyone but it's definitely possible that, apart from some light stretch marks, you'll be ok.
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It's never too late. You can't live in the past (even though it can be SO hard), all you can do is work on the present and look to the future.

....pretty sure I'm stealing an inspirational quote there, but you get what I mean.

I hear ya though. *hugs*
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Default You're Right

Thanks for your replies.

I know you guys are right... There's nothing I can do but try and turn the situation around now. It's so true that it doesn't do any good to live in the past.

I guess deep down inside I wish some sort of magical answer would drop down and tell me not to worry, and that making the right changes now will mean that all mistakes of the bad lifestyle pre-WL will be forgiven... It's so silly.

It's hard - but here's to looking forward!
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Best of luck to you! I often worry about the same things but the only thing we can do is stay positive and keep trying.
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Unless you have a blue call box that's bigger on the inside (and if you do, we need to talk about me becoming your next companion ASAP), there's not a whole lot that you can do to change the past. I doubt that you'll develop any serious health issues by LOSING weight, and as for stretchmarks, etc; pretty much everyone has them (or other similar imperfections)...Even some of my tiny barely-over-100 pound friends who haven't been overweight a day in their life have cellulite. No one is perfect.

Don't let the things you've done stop you from doing the things you'd like to do. Welcome and best of luck to you.
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Instead of thinking of how hard is going to be or how much you have let yourself go, why don't you think how much you can achieve?

As Hotaruchan said no one is perfect. I have friends who have (for me) a perfect body and there is still something bugging them. As to if you have done damage or not - well we all did some kind of damage but we are also in that young age we can still prevent a more serious one from happening in the long run. So good luck in your new trip in weight loss.
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I would say to try not to let those things get to you. Usually, as long as you lose the weight in a healthy way and not 50 pounds in 4 weeks (you get what I mean), then it's not very likely that you will have any of the problems you are worried about. I'm sure you remember from the last time you lost also, but even when you get to your goal, give it time... your body will still be adjusting
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And what if the answer was affirmative aka - it is too late, you'll have stretch marks and loose skin, what are you gonna do? Continue living fat or get fatter?
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Hotaruchan love the Dr. Who reference!
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I can do anything!
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It's never too late. Get healthy.

What's the alternative? Give up and do MORE damage? Not a good plan.

Just keep on truckin' and cross the other bridges when you get to them.
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