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Question in between bras?

I just bought bras recently like a couple months ago and now they don't fit again. It's not even like I've lost that much weight... Does anyone have ideas for something to do in between sizes? I spent like 150 on just a few bras and I can't keep spending money like that... My next stop is the speciality stores and nordstrom for bras because Lane Bryant doesnt make the smaller band size for the extended sizes.... but I wanted to wait until I lost a little bit more weight to buy new bras.
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I have just been conservative about how many I buy. I currently only have 2 that are good fitting, plus my sports bras. The sports bras tend to be a little more forgiving and I can wear them longer.

The specialty shop where I purchased my last bras recommened a band that was slightly too small, with the appropriate cup size. They sold me a small extender to make it fit more comfortably. That strategy bought me at least another month or so on the last round.

I look forward to the time when I can enjoy wearing nice bras that will work for me for a long time. For now, I will settle for the numbers on the scale dropping. LOL
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I have the same problem. I can't seem to find a bra that will fit my circumference and my chest size. I'm a 34DD, and at best I can sometimes find 34D's. I know that the last time I lost weight I went down to a D/C so I'm pretty excited about that. It will make it so much easier to find bra's!!

I can sometimes find some specialty bras that no one else carries at places like TJ MAX and Marshalls if you have any of those by you!!
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The bar struggle! I just got new bras, and it was torture. I had no idea what size I was anymore (after children and weight ain/loss). I'm only half-way to my goal, so i know I'll have to buy them again! I'm trying to look at it as a reward.
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I would suggest buying something that fits in the cups but not in the band, and then a bra extender. When I got down to 180 pounds the first time I was a 34G, and I can still wear that bra with a bra extender now that I'm back up at 240 pounds. That way you can always make it smaller....but I guess that would only work if you're like me and your breasts don't shrink as you lose weight...because you wouldn't be able to adjust the cup size any. Honestly, I wish mine WOULD shrink, but whatever...

I don't know where you live, but I go to a place called Top Drawer Lingerie for my bras. They walk in, look at you, and then you go in a fitting room and get undressed and they bring you bras to try on. They don't even usually have to measure you, and they're really good. They always find me one or two that fit. The only problem is that they're always expensive...but when you're buying bras with a G cup that's to be expected. Once I get fitted for a bra and find one i like...and i figure out the size that I need, then I can usually find more on amazon for cheaper.
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It's me, Ashleyyy!
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I work in the Intimates dept at Macys.... There is no easy way to solve this. I guess my advice would be to make shopping for bras your thing. For instance I know next weekend at Macys is the One Day Sale and they usually have a special on certain clearance bras for 6.99-12.99.... Just finding them cheap would make the frequency of the purchase easier to deal with. Also for you ladies looking for the extended sizes, be it big band small cup, large cup and small band.... WACOAL is your best friend. Pricey, but again, clearance possibilities.
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I keep an eye on sales - just recently zullily had a clearance on Panache bras and I got three for what I would usually pay for one. It was online so I couldn't try them on, but I could guess what I needed based on the one I was already wearing and online reviews comparing the sizes across different brands. The ones I got ended up being a tiny bit snug in the band, but that's fine since I'm still losing. Also, make sure you buy bras with bands that are snug on the loosest setting. Then as you lose weight and/or the bra stretches from use, you can move into the tighter settings and get more life out of them. Also, make sure you're hand washing/line drying. It will help preserve the elastic in the band and you'll be able to wear it longer.
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Well, one thing you can try to do is buy a cup size that fits you but a bigger band. So when you lose weight you can tighten up the band.

Or simply buy a very small band and use band extenders (not sure where to buy them) until you fit into the new size.

Or you can buy very cheap bras until you level out so it doesn't hurt you bank account.

I only own two bras--both from Bravassimo. They do great fittings if you are unusual sizes (36E here with a large gap between breasts) and can probably offer better suggestions, although they've told me a bra really only lasts six months before it "dies" and looses support on larger chested women. I disregard this.
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Going UP you can always get a bra extender at a notions/fabric type place like Joann's.

Coming DOWN... that's trickier. Could buy less bras, cheaper bras. If you sew, could take a bit in if the cups are still the same and it is just the band.

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I stick buying to basics.. one black and one nude colored whenever I do see a change in bra size. AND - until I get to my goal weight, I'm stuck buying/wearing Walmart bras. Especially right now.. I've lost about 5lbs every month without fail since March. There's no way I could afford to blow a couple of $$ a month on bras. I was a DD. Now I'm a C.
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Default i know how you feel...

I have seriously contemplated WHY bra companies have never catered to this problem. LOTS of us women have and will go through the struggle of losing weight and decreasing breast size. You'd *think* they would have come up with an easy solution to that.
Honestly, the only solution to this I've found is wearing stretchy type sports bras and sleep bras. I only have one underwire in the specific size I'm currently in, so I have this akward drawer full of single bras all in decreasing size. There just wasn't any point in buying more than one when I knew I wouldn't be the same breast size for much longer. So I basically just live in sleep and sports bras except for when I really do need the under wire.
As far as brands that fit me well go...I have just as much trouble as you ladies I have resorted to just measuring myself and buying online from one brand that I know I already like. Its called leading lady and they do full figure bras. They also do nursing but that's a different thread But yeah, they are pretty good for what I"m going for, better than anything I've found in store. I've gotten one or two underwire from them online, and they've were pretty good, but I prefer to get an underwire in store. But as far as the sport and leisure/sleep bras go, I only have to buy one for a couple weight changes before I need to buy again, which is super nice! I would also recommend them to any of you still looking or about to start looking again.
I recently was doing some online research on the bra situation (to make sure I wasn't missing any new products from bra stores) and I found a free shipping coupon for leading lady too. I'm not due for more bras yet, but if any of you are interested in this, its freeship286.

Again, I only use one underwire at a time and the rest I used sports and sleep bras. The stretchy fabric is the only way I've found to cope with the constant changes. I wish you all the best and I hope you find solutions to the bra problem!
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If you normally buy Lane Bryant bras, I would suggest looking at the Fashion Bug website. I love the LB Balconette bras, but I can't fit into them anymore because the LB bras are too big in the band. However, Fashion Bug carries their own brand of the Balconette bras in smaller band sizes. And usually you can get them "Buy One, Get One" or "Buy Two, Get Two".

Good luck!!!
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