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Question Figuring myself out

Why is it that when I meet a mini goal it doesn't set me on fire and motivate me like crazy? Why do I still think I can't really do this? I can visualize who I want to be (a strong athletic type of Mom, hot wife for the hubby, super confident) but I can't seem to beleive that it CAN be me. I find myself half assing it...for lack of a better term. I'll eat healthy, but way too much of the healthy food, then it seems like I want food rewards after a long day, after grocery shopping with just me and my 2 babies...not helping the scale or my waist measurement.

I want this so badly. I do. And yet I almost feel unmotivated...although I am motivated. Does this make sense. I need some help here...please. I don't want to be overweight my entire life. When my kids grow up I don't want them to remember me this way. Thank you.
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How long have you been overweight? It sounds to me like an emotional issue where you are afraid of the future as a hot looking person.........

Are you hiding behind your body??
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I guess I've been fairly overweight since....late high school? I joined the AF at age 17 and weighed the max that they'd let me join...160. Since then I slowly gained and fluctuated between around 170-190 and after having 3 babies in as many years I've gotten as high as 265. I'm finally down to 199 and just don't feel super excited or motivated about this like I thought I would. Maybe youre right, but I don't know what I would be afraid of. I have an amazing husband and a great family. I just don't know.
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I feel the exact same way. I am partially motivated and have a hard time visualizing myself being happy with my body. I think I have been so unhappy with my body for soooooooooooo long (pretty much my whole life minus a few years in high school) it is just going to take some time to get used to. Here are some tips that help me:

Maybe you could take some photos to see before and after. I can really see how far I have come when I look at photos.

Also, maybe you can attach a reward to your mini goals to really get that motivation going. When I get to my mini goal of 180 i am going to have my bf take a sexy photo shoot of me and then draw my favorite photo from the shoot (he is an amazing artist). I am really looking forward to this reward and feel motivated by it...and i'm not motivated by much. I tried attaching other rewards to mini goals and it did nothing for me. Think of something that really gets you excited and makes you feel sexy as an incentive for your next mini goal!

Hit me up if you are needing any extra support
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I am kind of feeling the same way. It just doesn't feel real to me yet, it doesn't feel like it will ever happen. I'm not sure what to say.. I'm glad you brought this up though, because now I know that other people feel this way.
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Let's do this!
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I feel like I beat a dead horse when it comes to motivation, but I really feel strongly about it.

Motivation SUCKS. It's like your really fun, awesome, but flaky friend that you just keep around even though she always bails on you. You don't know why you keep her around- perhaps it's because when she actually does make an appearance it seems worth it? Either way, she's unpredictable and cannot be relied upon.

This is motivation to me. When I have it, it's awesome and I just get. it. done. When it's not around, I'm like, "oh, well I guess the gym and I aren't hanging out tonight".

I asked a friend of mine in high school where she found the energy to do all the sports she did. She skied. She was on basketball, volleyball, and track. She was in band with me. I just didn't know where someone who was so laid back and mellow found the time and energy to do all of that. She just kind of shrugged, "it's important for me to be healthy and in shape, so I just, I dunno.... I just do it." I've never forgotten what she said or the way she said it.

I do know that I never imagined I would lose weight until I actually started doing it. It just sort of snowballed- 5, 10, 15, 20lbs lost and I started to be convinced, but you just have to push through until you hit that stride. Sometimes you just have to have faith that it will work and believe in being thin more than believing you will be fat forever. So much easier said than done, I know.
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