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Default looking for a weight loss buddy

Hello Dearies,

I'm looking for a weight loss buddy, and I thought here would be the best place to go about finding one. To make this as succinct as possible:

Who I am:
- graduate student living in NYC
- Start: 184lbs Current:177lbs Goal: 135-ish lbs
- ** I went down to 148 two years ago, but gained back most of it (as you can tell), so this is my second time around
- current weight loss plan:
- cardio 3x week
- calorie monitoring, reduced (not low/ no) carb intake
- flexibility to modify plan if its not working

What am I looking for:
- PERSONAL accountability- groups are great, but for me an individualized relationship makes me more accountable that simply posting on forums
- daily communication: being in contact via email/ text messages every day
- tough love- don't be scared to jump on my case when I'm screwing up
- someone who will stick through the partnership AT LEAST from Memorial to Labor day

If you are also looking for a weight loss buddy but I don't sound like the ideal candidate, feel free to write your own post about who you are and what you're looking for- hopefully we all can find someone if that's what we need to get through this journey!

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Hey sweet.

I think I might be interested. We seem to have similar goals. I just finished grad school and the beer and candy diet really did a number on me. I really want to establish healthy habit before I start my teaching degree in September.

So my start was 194 and my goal is 145ish.
My plan is exercise 6 times a week. Mostly running, classes and yoga.
Food wise I'm just doing a whole foods hold the beer and candy approach at the moment, but I'm definitely flexible. I don't think calorie counting is in the cards because I don't want to start something I know I can't sustain.

I can definitely promise daily personal communication until labour day. I'm a stay at home mom till then, so I can find time for that.

PM me if you're still interested.
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Default oh! oh! I'd love to be your partner in crime!

Oh please oh please!

I need a partner in crime too.

I really just need someone that I feel accountable to so that I have someone to show off to when I do well and complain to when things aren't going well.

We seem to have similar life styles/plans/goals so let me know if you are interested in teaming up!

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I am definitely interested too.

Who I am:
- young professional in Ventura, California, age 24
- Start: 176lbs Current:172lbs Goal: 145-ish
- My highest was 210, got down to 150 1.5 years ago, then regained 30 and held it for a while.

Current weight loss plan:
- cardio 4x week & weight training 2x week
- South Beach Diet (good carbs, lean proteins, minimal starches)
- Way of Life mentality versus the "diet-then-resume-fast-food" approach I did last time.

I think our starting, current, and goal, and past experiences are strikingly similar. Even if we don't end up being diet buddies, its nice to know that I'm not the only out there in my situation. Same height too! =P

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I feel like I'm reading a bit of my own life in these posts, right down to the weights and heights. Ha! I'm also a grad student-part time, I also have a full time job. And a toddler I feel like some days I don't have time or energy to keep up with "the diet" but I can't quit and need someone to kick me in the a** when appropriate!

I've been doing South Beach since January and have lost 32lbs which puts me at 42lb lower than pre pregnancy and slowly coming back down to my lowest adult weight of 175. I count my calories as well and exercise 3x a week.

I would love a buddy too...
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