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Default Afraid to get on the scale

The last time I got on the scale, my weight was slowly creeping up. I am starting to lose control of what took me so long to gain. I just came back from my sister's wedding of drinking and eating galore, and I can find myself to muster up the courage to get back on the scale.

I would be devastated to find out I regained all that weight back after how long I've been trying.

What should I do?!
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If the scale frightens you right now, ignore it. Just stay on plan, keep exercising, and maybe use a tape measure if you want to track your progress for the time being.

For me, stepping on the scale after going off plan was the best thing I ever did, because when I didn't have those numbers in front of me I could convince myself things weren't so bad. When I saw how bad it was, it sucked, but it gave me the motivation to get back on plan and stick with it.
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When I go off-plan and do a lot of damage for a while, I'm too much of a coward to weigh the next day. Rather, I go back on-plan for a day or two, and then weigh, so that at least most of the water retention is gone.
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I also say to wait a day or two; eat well, flush out your system, get back into your exercise routine-- and then face the music.
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When that happens, I usually refuse to get on the scale for a week, to give me time to eat right, lose weight and get back down to a weight that won't cause me to have a mental breakdown.
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If it was me, I'd take a deep breath and just get on that scale, sometimes having a bad number on the scale is really a blessing in disguise because I feel more responsible for my behaviour and am determined to reverse the weight gain. In a way a bad number can really kick me back into routine and make me more determined. Othertimes, I can be pleasantly surprised.

I think the point is, changing habits is so difficult and there are periods when everybody slips up. you are going to have days where you overeat, especially if it's your sister's wedding which is a really special occasion that doesn't happen everyday. So what if you gain a pound or ten? That weight has come off before and it will come off again.

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I wait a week or two before I weigh. Personally, seeing a bad number on the scale makes it ten times easier to derail me, so I don't even weigh when I'm on my period or if I don't have access to MY scale. Sometimes that means I don't weigh for two or three weeks (I only weigh once a week, the morning of cheat day). It just depends on if bad numbers motivate or depress you.

Bear in mind, however, that after cheating, you do tend to retain water weight. So if you weighed directly after, that evil number might not be your real weight!
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I would just stay away from it for the time being. I have those moments too, and I usually wait a few weeks, workout, eat as good as possible, and most of the time I find the numbers went down.
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the thin for life people will tell you to jump on the scale. It starts the accountability back and nine times out of ten you weigh less than your biggest fear...but I've been there, it really sucks to be terrified of the scale
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