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Default Overeating

Hi =)

I'm 21 years old and currently living in a dorm room. When I was in 9th and 10th grade I was very skinny and didn't eat much, I never really had a desire to. I got put on medication for a stomach problem which made me so hungry all the time I gained about 40 pounds in 2 months. After getting off of the medicine after high school I lost 30 pounds in about the same time that I gained it. I'm 5'5 and 138 pounds right now.

My issue is that all I think about is food. I will overeat and will eat until I'm sick and do it over and over throughout the day. I don't know why I have insatiable hunger. Does anyone have any tips to just eat normally? While the rest of my body is thing, my stomach area is not and its embarassing. I am sick of looking this way.
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I used to be like that too, I would eat and eat and never be satisfied. What I learned is that it was what I was eating. I was eating all the wrong things, high in sugar and salt, which would make me more hungry. Once I started eating better and cut out all the crap I was fuller faster and was satisfied. Its about quality not quantity. Maybe for breakfast try a 3 egg omlet with green peppers and onion (or any other veggie) with a slice of whole wheat or ezekiel toast with a little butter. Or even a smoothie (which I eat on a reg basis) I take frozen fruit in a blender with vanilla whey powder and some water..sounds gross but mmm is it good!!. For snacks have an apple or strawberries with some almonds or cashews. Lunch a spring salad with chicken or tuna and veggies ranch or balsamic dressing. Supper maybe a terryaki chicken breast with baked sweet potato! soo good...after a week of eating like that your body wont be hungry because it is getting all the nutrients it needs and wont be starving you trying to find it. Also drink alot of water it also helps keep you fuller longer!! Hope I could help! *I used to reg meetings with a nutritionist, also my mum is one lol*

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I know how you feel and it's something I'm still fighting to get over. One thing that definitely helps is to get yourself into a schedule. Mine changes day to day depending on what classes I have, but mine general look like breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, snack; or breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. I've always been really bad for gorging myself before bed, so having something like an apple with some peanut butter (which is really good, by the way!) helps me overcome that. Because of this my routine must include a snack before bed.

Water, lots and lots of water, whenever you feel hungry when you feel you shouldn't helps a lot. And chewing gum, in the same context. Don't want to get too dependent on the gum though; water is much healthier for sure!

I also find that once you start eating less your stomach just gets used to it, especially if you've consistently been eating too much it shrinks after awhile.

Good luck!
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