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Default Mirena, your experiences

So I'm currently on NuvaRing and have been for 4 years when I started using BC. I'm contemplating getting Mirena because it is less of a hassle than any other birth control and it is good for five years. I know I don't want to have children before that time.

What have been your experiences with Mirena, if you have or currently use it? Did you like it? Did you gain weight? How were the periods? Was insertion painful? If you discontinued use for a negative reason, why?

I'm just trying to decide if it's for me

Note: I just realized I posted this in the incorrect forum, sorry about that

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Hi, I have had a Mirena for the last four years and I LOVE it! Hubby and I are done having kids (three blessings). Hubby had a vasectomy but I was experiencing very heavy periods and my Dr. suggested the Mirena. Hurt just a bit, more like a pinch and heavy cramping for a couple days afterward. Spotty periods for a couple months and now, not a thing. My moods are much better and oh the joy of not having a period . My sister has one also and agrees...why didn't I do this sooner?! I haven't figured out the weight gain/loss as I've just started really tracking my weight. Mirenaís are suppose to last for five years and Dr. said they just pull out (you can feel the strings to make sure itís still in place). I will definitely be getting another one.
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I have had one for about a year and a half. I have never been pregnant and the insertion hurt like bad cramps, but it was totally worth it. They have changed the prescribing guidelines so now you can get it if you haven't had children.

I have saved so much money on BC pills since my insurance covered it. I still have light periods but no cramps and my PMS is much better. My only negative has been that my skin hasn't been as clear as it was on the pill, but it's worth it to me. I haven't noticed a weight difference from the pill. I 100% recommend it.
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I have used Mirena for years as well and I love it. I don't know if there is a weight gain association with it. I have had no problems with it and I love having very light periods. It's the best form of birth control I have ever had.
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I've had Mirena and Paragard so I'll give you my experience with both.

With Mirena, I experienced a month of bleeding after insertion (um... suck!) but afterwards it tapered off and I didn't get another (mostly due to PCOS) but it does cause lighter more infrequent periods. What I disliked was the hormones, which, although light, still affected me. I'm very sensitive to them and have to be very selective which I use and can tolerate. Insertion hurt much like a menstral cramp but nothing intolerable.

I prefer Paragard because it lasts 10 years and is hormone free. I didn't experience the same post-insertion bleeding however, I had it placed at my 6 week post partum check up so that means squat. It works in a similar fashion to Mirena but has copper instead of hormones. I'm no expert how exactly how this all works but there's tons of info out there. Most can use Paragard unless you have an uncommon allergy to copper. The lack of hormones in this particular IUD allows me to take birth control pills with the exact type and amount of hormones I can tolerate to regulate my period as needed for my PCOS.

I use both because I'm not always the best when it comes to remembering a pill, have issue with other forms of BC (shot, patches, rings, etc.) and sure as heck don't want a 3rd child in our current situation!

I've been able to lose weight on both Mirena and Paragard. Mirena I lost around 20 pounds in 2 months before getting pregnant again and then my current weight loss is with Paragard.

So just remember, if you think an IUD is the way you'd like to go, you might want to consider both forms and discuss your options with your doctor. Good luck!
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I have the paraguard IUD and love it. I have given birth though and a friend of mine who had mirena without having any kids first said she regularly felt hers and was not comfortable. I considered getting mirena, but I don't like hormones and and I'm WAY too paranoid that I'm pregnant all the time so not having periods would freak me out.
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Has anyone had issues with the strings being too long?

I've talked to my doctor about getting it, I just have to decide about wanting to pay for it or not since my insurance does not cover it :-(
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I got my first Mirena five years ago after my second child was born. I love it! I just had it replaced a few weeks ago and couldn't be happier. The insertion of the second one was more uncomfortable than the first, probably having to do with the first one being done at my post-partum visit. As far as periods, a couple of months of spotting then just occasional spotting a couple of times a year is all I've experienced.
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I had Mirena inserted 3.5 years ago -no bleeding at all until now. I've been checked, and everything's fine - just some breakthrough.

I love it - and after this one expires, I'm getting another!
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Originally Posted by luposlipaphobia87 View Post
Has anyone had issues with the strings being too long?

I've talked to my doctor about getting it, I just have to decide about wanting to pay for it or not since my insurance does not cover it :-(
My strings were too long in the beginning (not only could my husband feel them, I could feel them while just walking around) but I went back in and they trimmed them down for me. She said she leaves them longer because they can always be trimmed, and the longer the strings, the easier removing it is later on.

Anyhow, I had several months of spotting after the insertion. It really wasn't too much of a hassle. I get my period once a month now, while I only got it every 3-4 months before Mirena. However, my periods were wicked pre-Mirena - like stay at home bleeding through pads and curled up in a fetal position for days bad. Now I get minimal cramps and maybe one day of what normal women consider heavy bleeding (it seems light compared to what I had before!) It has not affected my weight loss negatively. I've lost 120 lbs, th bulk of which was after the Mirena insertion.
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I got the mirena and it did not hurt at all my dr numbed me =) but I bled almost 6 months straight they say its norrmal the first year I maybe had a week or 2 off each month I didn't tbleed lol but now its starting to be normall I gained no weight. Its hoonestly got to be the best birth control there is.
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i have implannon. it's like an iud, but in my arm. i almost never notice it, unless i lay on my inner arm alone. no possible sensitive irritation like the iud. i don't get periods with depo shot or implannon. good for 3 years.
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I currently have a copper IUD. I chose it over Mirena because it lasts 10 years instead of 5 and does not have hormones. I did not have health insurance at the time and I do not good with taking pills every day. I have had this one for about 8 years. I did have some bad cramping when I had it put in. I did have a heavy flow for about the first few years. I would consider it normal right now. But my cycle since it's been in has been very regular. I have never had a preggy scare or any infections due to the IUD. The string never bothered me or my BF. I don't know right now for sure if I would get another one. I am thinking about getting Essure, because I don't think I will have more children, but if I don't get Essure, I'll get this IUD again just because it lasts so long and has worked so well for me.
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I got Mirena in August 2009, about 2 months after my son was born. I had zero pain with it during or after! I had myself worried because I had read where some people said it caused pain, but was pleasantly surprised. During the time I had it, I really never had problems. Didn't know it was there, but I did get my periods (was hoping to not get them). I had a slight bit of weight gain but nothing serious (maybe 5 lbs).

The worst thing about my situation was that I started having severe pains with it in October 09, was brought into the gyn office to be checked and it turns out it was in the wrong spot and had to be removed. And about 2 weeks later, I found out I was about 4 weeks pregnant! So for me, my Mirena had moved out of place AND I got pregnant (I'm not sure if one caused the other, but it would make sense). Also, it seems that the chances of miscarrying if you get preg on Mirena are increased and I did indeed miscarry that baby...

Good luck with whatever you decide!
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Default Have had Mirena for almost a Year

I'm 25 years old and no kids. I got Mirena to keep my fiance and I free for the next five years. The insertion was a drag. I had to go back twice. The first device was defective and the insertion piece broke after my cervix was pinched, I hated my doctor for those minutes. Despite all that, it has been great. I did have really painful cramps for the first few months and those lasted a few days each month. They were painful and I'm not a sucker for pain. Every now and then I get one or two but they go away with Aleve. My fiance can feel the strings sometimes in intercourse but we both hated condoms and this has given us a few more guaranteed years of freedom. So, pick and choose. I personally get really irritated from condoms and I was on Nuva too. The Nuva was so powerful I lost my libido. So, Mirena for me was a must or it was a baby.

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