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Smile Small Boobs & Success

I know this is a really random post, but I havent posted anything in a while & wanted to, so here ya go

I LOVE that my boobs are getting smaller- the biggest they've been are D's but now they are normal C's... Not that I want tiny boobs or anything, but I'm nearly 6' tall & I've always been "big"- so to me, I feel more girly & "small" if thats even possible when I start loosing boobie weight haha...

Also, yay for being consistent!! Im bummed that I'm not loosing as fast as I wish I was- about 1.5lbs/wk, but I am being consistent and that is a ginormous thing for me!! There is chocolate cake & 3 types of ice cream in my fridge/freezer (live with other people, cant make them throw away their stuff, I tried ) and I worked out instead of giving in!! woohoo!!

Ok ... thats all for my random post of the day, hope youre all doing well!!
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Whatever makes you feel good! I can relate totally though... I never did admit to being D (just wore ill fitting bras) and I always feel so much better when my boobs are a comfortable C because that means everywhere else is getting smaller too!
(plus, it means I fit into more M tops rather than L)

way to go!
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I totally understand! I can't wait for some booby shrinkage!
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Awesome!!! I definitely feel ya on that one. When i stated out my boobs were around DD and now they are shrinking more and more all the time! I am down to a B or C now which is kinda weird because they have never been small, but I like it because I can fit into smaller shirts easier!

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Yay! Way to go you! Avoiding icecream and cake AND working out instead is super awesome! And yay for feeling better in yourself for having smaller boobs!
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My boobs are DD's. But I've always had big boobs, even before I started gaining weight. I'm so looking forward to losing some boob. But I don't want to go any smaller than a C... Maybe that's because I've always had boobs.

Congrats! And you have amazing will power. Keep it up!

Sam =]
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I couldn't imagine being as small as a C. I would be so happy. Still stuck in the FF range for now
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I know how you feel! I went from 42-44D to a 34-36C and it feels great. I rememeber taking photos and my boobs filled more of the pictures than my face, now when I take photos you can see ALL of me! lol The only thing I'm not liking as I lose the weight is the shape of my boobs, I'm definitly considering some type of help later on down the road; in a bra I look great though lol.
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I'm a 42/44 DD right now and I have almost always had big boobs, though when i was a healthy weight they were about a 38C...I sooo hope that I get some major boob shrinkage like you guys, that one of the top things I am wanting to see a change in, tired of these melons !....I'd like to be a smaller C or a full B at my goal weight
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Originally Posted by fromthebox View Post
I couldn't imagine being as small as a C. I would be so happy. Still stuck in the FF range for now
Yeah, I'm a G. Ugh. I've lost 115 lbs and gone from an H to a G. I think I'd have to weigh in the negative to have a C cup naturally . I'd be thrilled with a D.
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Somehow, even after losing 55 pounds, I am STILL a 40DD. Is that even still possible. >\
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You can DOOO IT!
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Loved going from a DD to a C... not loving the deflated pancake look of them now though. After babies, boobie job! They were never perky to begin with... that will be a new experience for me
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On the way down!
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I'm the opposite. I've always been in the smaller tata department. At my heaviest, I was a C now I'm a small/mid B and I've saved up the cash for implants when I hit 165. V. excited. Not going to go crazy. Maybe small D...we'll see but I want tatas too. haha
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I've always been on the smaller side, so I hope I don't lose too much in that department lol. But my bra size did get smaller but that's more the inches around area as opposed to the actual cup, which is just fine with me! I haven't been a 36 in years, so I was excited! Haha.
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I went from a 36DD (possibly 38DD) at my heaviest down to a 34D/36C at my lightest, now I'm back to a 36D. I actually prefer the smaller boobs.
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