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Default Multivitamin problems? HELP!

I've been taking One-A-Day Weight Smarts multi-vitamins. You have to eat when you take it otherwise you feel like you are going to hurl (NOT pleasant). Normally for breakfast I grab something small and fast (I am NOT a morning person! Lol). If I eat a fruit, I feel ill after taking the multi-vitamin. A pop tart (just one) and I'm fine. USUALLY a granola bar does the trick as well. But suddenly a granola bar isn't doing the trick. This isn't good! I've been planning out my meals about a day in advance so I won't cheat/know what is coming.

If I eat more calories for breakfast it messes up my whole day! It means either I'm over for the day or I have to skip a snack-and I'm hungry!

Does anyone else have this problem? What do you eat with your multivitamin?
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I CANNOT take a multivitamin with iron. period. I has the same problem you are experiencing no matter when or with what i took the vitamin.

I am now taking an adult gummie multivitamin and it works perfect! ZERO sickness!
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Oh, my gosh, you just read my mind. I was considering posting something about this. I am taking the one a day women's vitamin. I started taking it three days ago. The first day I took it late in the day, and I was fine. Yesterday and today I puked after taking it. I ate breakfast first, and my belly was full. I am not sure what the issue is.

I do not think the iron would be bothering me because I have taken iron pills before in the past, and they did not bother me.

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I had this problem until I started having protein for breakfast. If I took my multi with just a piece of dry toast or a piece of fruit, I'd be ill in about 30 minutes. But, if I take it with 2 oz. of cheese or 2 scrambled eggs, I'm fine.
Something about the protein really helps and I haven't felt even slightly sick since trying it. If you don't eat breakfast, maybe try taking your multi with lunch, since you'll likely have protein with that meal.
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I had the same problem until I started taking the gummy ones from Costco.
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I find that if I take it in a multi form, I get barfy... if I take them as indivuduals, I'm okay.

Also, I like taking the individuals, because I get to control it more.
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I take them too and feel the same way. I have tried different times of day, with food, without food and it feels the same. Previously I took pre-natal vitamins because for some reason they were the only ones I could stomach. But I am not preggers and not planning on having anymore kids so I figured I should graduate to a different vitamin.
I now take them after lunch which is usually after two egg whites and a yogurt and I still feel sick. But it only lasts for about 5 min so I a suck it up. What can we do?
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Hey just letting you guys know the gummy vitamins do NOT have calcium in there. And if you aren't taking calcium with vitamin D you won't absorb it. Kind of defeating the purpose of the multivitamin IMO.

Wibble how many calories are you eating a day? You might want to look into eating some protein for breakfast to help keep you fuller longer.
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I had this same issue - I switched to the one a day metabolism ones, and its not so bad. I also don't take them with food.
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I use to have that problem when I took that vitamin. Now i take prenatal vitamins. Yea i freaked out when my doc gave them to me lol. Im NOT pregnant but prenatal vitamins are VERY good and easier to digest. I take mine every morning with a small bowl of cereal and im fine!
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I take Solgar Female Multiple - it's absolutely amazing!! I take 1 pill for every meal - 3 total. I've never had any issues feeling sick tho when taking them. The only downside is they smell like **** and my pee turns neon yellow!!! (tmi!) LOL
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The thing is, I've taken these multivitamins forever...with the granola bar and never had a problem. The only change I can think of is that I'm exercising maybe that has something to do with it? Though I dont see how that is possible.

Beerab: I'm eating about 1200 calories a day. Some days a little more, some days a little less. The problem is that I don't really have time in the mornings to make anything with protien (like eggs). And I don't want to add more calories to the breakfast than I have to...because I prefer to have more snack throughout the day to keep my metabolism going.
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I'm slightly anemic, so I have to take an iron supplement. I usually take mine with my multi-vitamin about 30 minutes after dinner. I have a weak stomach for medicines too.
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I've never had this problem with multivitamins. I take Walmart's generic One Daily Women's Pro-Active multivitamin. I take it a few min before I leave for the gym or for work, after I eat breakfast (which is a bowl of Special K w/ almond milk and a glass of V8 juice). I've never felt sick.
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I take the One A Day Women's Active Metabolism multivitamins in the morning with my oatmeal and they don't make me sick. However, the taste of the pill right before I swallow it is definitely kind of nasty! haha
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