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I'm not sure if the 30 day shred would help you with that particular problem, but the way I lost all of my "belly fat" was just cardio cardio cardio. I typically gain weight in my stomach first, and so that was the first to go. My legs are pretty big - not chicken legs, just big all over - and I definately lost weight in my stomach before my calves/thighs.
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Unfortunately the only way to get the belly fat to go away is to get the fat all over to go away and hope it eventually goes too! You can do something like the 30 Day Shred to help strengthen your core and build muscle, which might help with the overall appearance, but like others said, there's no way to spot treat when it comes to fat loss.
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The majority of my weight is on my stomach. A typical apple shape, and yeah, no way to focus on losing weight just there. It sucks.

30 Day Shred? Is that the Jillian Michaels programme? Is it any good?

On a seperate note, Iconised Ghost, I love your Billy Connolly quote. That man is so funny!
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Iconised Ghost, your quote it awesomely (sp?) hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.
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I thought chicken legs were just skinny legs??

Yep, I’ve got a gut/love handles. i’ve always felt slightly self-conscious about the extra fat on my belly, even at my lowest weight (130ish-in hs. although i’m hoping that’s bc my muscles weren’t toned). I’m down to the last 15 lbs and I’m just now seeing a marked difference in my midsection. i have to agree with others, it’s all about overall fat loss =/ rather then spot reduction
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BeckiCT, yeah, 30DS is a jillian michaels dvd and i really like it cuz it's quite short and it works in circuits so you can kinda count them like "ok, done with this one! ok, halfway there! ok, one more to go!" haha. and there's 3 levels so you kinda boost your endurance as you go.
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lajpur and becki- thanks I cant remember what show he said that at, but he did say that. I cant get enough of him
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Originally Posted by lackadaisy View Post
krampus, I think that's the East Asian genetics working to our disadvantage...

I have always had a big belly for my size, at any size (I remember being self-conscious about my gut in high school when I weighed about 102 lbs, I kid you not). At my highest weight, I had a reasonably nice rear, in fact; now I have none and STILL that stupid belly!! Definitely an apple-rectangle here... which is why my primary goal is to (1) shrink the fatpack, and (2) develop a muscly butt-tone to balance what is, unfortunately, genetically inevitable.
I think it's the fact that I don't have T&A to balance out the rest of me - if I had boobs and hips I'd be fine! Up top I wear a AA and my butt is just pure muscle/an extension of my leg.

102 lbs is a dream come true. My goal weight says 115 but I know I'd crap my pants with joy if I could hit 110 or less.
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