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Hi there
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I find that when I've bee really on plan for a while that disrupting with "bad" foods that I used to eat in large portions makes me feel sick.

We went out to eat with friends last weekend and bought a couple of desserts for the table to share. I had a few bites, and really enjoyed them, but after that I felt so full and just done.

A couple of months ago I would have eaten an entire dessert by myself.
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No Excuses
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Rainbow- That's exactly what happens to me. More incentive to eat healthy huh
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Not so starving student
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I lost 20lbs in high school. The first thanksgiving after I started on weight watchers, I ignored points and ate whatever I wanted. I sure regretted it! I had a killer stomach ache that night and the next day!
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I just feel so bloated and miserable after eating something unhealthy... along with regret of eating it! lol.
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OMG yes I said I was allowed one cheat day a week and I think that has pretty much gone out the window now because I pay for it later.
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Staying the Same
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Savory fast/fried food makes me bloat like a balloon and feel disgusting for 24 hours after the fact, even in tiny amounts. I had 4 chicken mcnuggets a few months back and it was just a world of pain for a whole day afterward.
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Corporette diet
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I can attest to the fact that this isn't even a bit a psychological effect... our bodies change. I was a raw vegan for a while, and after a few months of that, meat literally made me throw up. But you get used to everything... and it only takes a week or so to reteach your body to appreciate fast food. Don't let that happen!
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Set and determined...
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Wow! I was JUST thinking this. I've been on my diet now for... a little over a week. I just finished eating a Peep marshmallow and thought "Man, this isn't as good tasting as I remember..." and now my belly is a bit peeved at me.
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This is not a test.
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Originally Posted by lackadaisy View Post
I can attest to the fact that this isn't even a bit a psychological effect...
Everything's at least a bit psychological But I agree, bodies do change! its pretty awesome i think
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