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Default Getting annoyed and not understanding...

Sunday is my official weigh in day. But I weigh on other days too. Just to see how I'm doing. Well, Sunday I weighed in several times. I got a reading of 148.5. So I changed my ticker. That weight is pretty consistent with what I have been losing per week (around 2 pounds).

Well, this morning I stepped on the scale and it read 150. WHAT??? What does that mean? I didn't eat anything super high in sodium. I didn't eat a lot. I didn't even eat all that late. So why is it up? Should I not trust the 148.5? That was mid-afternoon when I woke up and hadn't eaten. So maybe it wasn't a true number?

Should I change my ticker back? Or wait and see? Ugh. Sooo annoying!!
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Keep your ticker, unless you really did eat 5000 calories, which you'd need to have done to get 1.5lbs fat increase.

I know it's not terribly informational but - the body just does this sometimes.
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Don't worry, I don't weigh 125 right now either. Weight and scales are fickle and cruel beasts who love to torment us. 148.5 was a very real weight and you will see it again before you know it.
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I weigh on my Wii Fit. It tells me that weight can fluctuate up to 2 lbs in a single day (the process our bodies holding on to, and letting go of water, I assume.) It does help to weigh at the same time of day each time if you can. Heck, I've varied up to 1/2 pound within minutes, lol.

I would go by your "offical" weekly weigh in. If you want to check in more frequently, that's fine...but know your weight IS going to fluctuate. Personally, this annoys me too much (even though I know intellectually that it's just fluctuations), so I do my best to limit my weigh ins to once a week. Of course some weeks I may happen to weigh in during a high fluctuation time--this is annoying too becasue it can look like I haven't lost anything all week (when in reality I probably HAVE lost a couple of pounds)--but it all evens out over time.
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I couldn't agree more with Northern.

Weighing in at the same time every week has been CRUCIAL to both my sanity AND maintaining a healthy balance. I don't let the scale affect me during the week and that really helps me eat better and make better choices. Weighing in daily would drive me insane. Your body is going to fluctuate anywhere from 0-3lbs!
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body weight will fluctuate. Also if you do a weigh-in and the scale says you've gained some weight, i'd take that with a grain of salt until i weigh myself again the next week to make sure its just not your weight fluctuating.
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I think it helps to not take a loss of a pound too seriously as well. I like to see weight stay off for a few days, before I'll count a lost pound as "real" - which allows myself the mental luxury of saying the same thing, if I'm up by a pound.

After all, drink a sixteen ounce unsweetened tea, and that's a pound right there. It's not really fat, just some liquid now sitting in your gullet!
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