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On the way down!
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Default Home Rant

So, I love being home. Well, kind of. I love seeing my family, old friends, and taking a break. What I don't love? I don't love how whenever I'm here I feel like I'm having food forced at me from every angle. I hate going out, I hate the way my parents cook, and just all that stuff. This is my first time back in about a year and I should be excited; however, I've been here since Saturday and all I can think about is how I don't have a scale so I don't know where my weight stands at current and how I can't wait to getback home Sunday so I can regain a sense of normalcy. I don't know what it is but all I want to do is eat here. Gah! Anyone else feel similar? Also, I haven't been going crazy but I haven't been super good either. I guess worst case I gain 5 lbs but still. Those 5 lbs took forever to lose! lol
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That must be really difficult. My mom and I are doing south beach together, so there's no problem there. My fiance is not however. Sometimes he wants to go through burger king or other fast food places. He doesn't always remember that I'm trying to eat healthy so I have to remind him.

Can you talk to your mom about it? You could offer to cook a side or two that you can eat. Whenever I eat at my grandparent's house, I bring or my mom cooks us sides that we can eat.

Hope things get better!
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Ohh, girl I am SO with you! I have been home for a few months now, and while I love so much about it, food in particular is a huge challenge for me! I am constantly struggling to change the way my dad shops, to cook my own meals while still engaging with the family and to keep on track!

I'm moving again in 2 weeks, and while I will miss seeing my family and friends, I am really looking forward to regaining the control I don't have while I'm here.

That being said - you're doing great. I know you would be frustrated if you regained a little, but you know how to lose it! And life is about balance, so I think it's okay if you spend time with the people you love. Just enjoy the rest of your time with them, and do the best that you can! Best of luck!!
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I was excited to go back home for the summer because I felt that I would have more control over my diet.
....That was a complete and total lie.

My mom brings home the weirdest things, and other things that just look delicious. I have to force her to tell me "DO NOT EAT THIS" or else I actually will eat it. I'll have my calories all planned for the day, and then get sprung upon with something higher than what I'm allowed for dinner.

My friends think the only way we can hang out is by going out for dinner. Or for drinks. Or some caloric value.

So I'm totally with you on this one!
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I feel your pain hun.
I was home recently and really struggled with it.
Hugs for you xx
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I avoid going home if I can, to be perfectly honest. My parents are great and they keep healthy food in the house...but the changes, the lack of control, not having MY stuff always throws me off. Plus, me being home always feels like a special occasion...my dad wants to cook, my bestie from home wants to go out, my other friends want to meet up for dinner/dessert/drinks. I've started asking people to come to me when at all possible.
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This is not a test.
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I have the same problem but with my bf's parents its so hard to say no
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That's exactly how I got fat lol. My parent's use food as a reward or celebration. Every time I tell my Mom or Dad I'm coming home they say "What do you want me to cook for you?" Just the other day I was talking to my Mom and she said "I'll make you your favorite, Enchilada's, when you come home!" I love that they want to make me happy and feel welcome, but jeeeeeze. That is exactly why I have issues with food. If anything special is going on, I feel like yummy food has to be involved. They have gotten a little better about this, because they know that I am trying to lose weight and they have seen my success. But it is very difficult when you go home, and your Mom has all of your favorite things in the house that you grew up eating.
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I've lucked out a bit here because my mom has also started eating healthier. Though she was never the overweight one, we all ate very poorly. I went to visit mom a couple days ago and we were going to do something fun and go to the zoo so I said I'd pack a picnic, so that we wouldn't have to buy concession food, and when I opened the fridge it was stock full of fruits and veggies. I made the best giant salad ever. So nice.

But visiting other relatives... I know what you mean. All that heavy german food...
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